Famous Theater Personalities - List of Famous Theater Personalities

Setting up a theatrical play involves weeks, or even months of hard work and coordination among the various professionals involved in the production of the play. A stage play is not just about the actors—though their roles should never be undermined—it is also about the other parties who put in tremendous amounts of work backstage to bring out the desired effects of the play. Highly creative teams of professionals collaborate to convert a vision into a stage production that is presented to the audience. Theater personnel include art directions, action directors, choreographers, and music directors in addition to set designers, costume designer and the stage crew. The theatrical performers are known as stage actors, and the art of acting on stage is different from acting in a film owing to the innate differences between films and stage. Stage performers need to have a more prominent voice, and have to deliver their performances forcefully in order to make an impact on the audience. Further they need to be more creative and confident in performing in front of a live audience. Read on to learn more about your favorite theater personalities through this collection of biographies which include timelines, information on their professional lives and some trivia.

The Most Famous Theater Personalities

Ty PenningtonOctober 19, 1964AmericanTy Pennington is an American television host, artist, author, former model, and actor
Yul BrynnerJuly 11, 1920RussianYul Brynner was one of the most talented actors and directors of the early 20th century
Shirley TempleApril 23, 1928AmericanShirley Temple was an actress and former U.S
Halston SageMay 10, 1993AmericanHalston Sage is a popular American actress and model
Gaz BeadleMarch 22, 1988BritishGaz Beadle is an English reality TV personality, best known for his MTV series, Geordie Shore
Bob FosseJune 23, 1927AmericanBob Fosse was a famous actor, choreographer, dancer and director
Jack NicholsonApril 22, 1937AmericanJohn Joseph "Jack" Nicholson is an American actor and filmmaker
Leah ReminiJune 15, 1970AmericanLeah Marie Remini is an American film and television actress and author
Jeanine PirroJune 2, 1951AmericanJeanine Pirro is an American TV personality, and former prosecutor and politician
Marisa TomeiDecember 4, 1964AmericanMarisa Tomei is an American film, television and theater actress
Maggie Cheung

Maggie Cheung

Maggie Cheung is a Hong Kong actress and model

Bob Hope

Bob Hope was a British-born American entertainer, actor, radio personality and comedian

AmericanMay 29, 1903181 views

Julie Harris

Julie Harris was an American film, theater and television actress

John Schlesinger

John Richard Schlesinger was an eminent Academy Award winning English film director

BritishFebruary 16, 192692 views

Mike Nichols

Mike Nichols was a distinguished German-American theater and film personality

Martin Ritt

Martin Ritt was an American director, producer and actor associated with both theater and films

AmericanMarch 2, 1914128 views

Joshua Logan

Joshua Lockwood Logan III was an American film and stage director

AmericanOctober 5, 1908122 views

Elia Kazan

Elia Kazan was a Greek-American film and stage director known for many hit plays and movies

GreekSeptember 7, 1909127 views

Wendy Hiller

Dame Wendy Hiller was a renowned English actress, equally adept on stage and screen

BritishAugust 15, 1912117 views

Margaret Sullavan

Margaret Brooke Sullavan was an American film and stage actress during the first half of the twentieth century

AmericanMay 16, 1909242 views