Talia Sagginario

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Talia Sagginario is an American rapper best known for appearing in ‘The Rap Game’

May 22, 1999

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Personal Details

  • Birthday: May 22, 1999
  • Nationality: American
  • Famous: Singers, Rappers
  • City/State: Tennessee
  • Siblings: Jasmine Sagginario
  • Birth Place: Franklin
  • Gender: Male

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Birth Place

Talia Sagginario was born on May 22, 1999 in Franklin, the USA, to Jocelyn and Tony Sagginario. She comes from a family of mixed Venezuelan, Mexican, and Puerto Rican descent. She has a sister named Jasmine who is also a singer. Her sister was the winner of the reality competition show ‘Next Big Thing’ in 2009. Information regarding Talia’s education and love life is missing from the web. Currently, the American beauty is active on YouTube, Instagram, and Twitter.

Personal Life

Talia Sagginario, along with her sister, created a collaborative YouTube channel titled ‘Jaz&Tally’ in March 2009. Since then, they have been sharing their music covers and other videos on this channel. Some of the popular covers they have created are 'Iggy Azalea Fancy ft Charli XCX Jazz & Tally Cover', 'Ariana Grande - Problem Ft. Iggy Azalea Cover by Jazz and Tally' and 'Stereo Hearts cover Jazz and Tallie Sagginario (Gym Class Heroes with Adam Levine)'. The other videos on the channel, including vlogs, are also very entertaining to watch.


Coming to Talia’s TV career, she auditioned for the reality show ‘The Rap Game 2’ at the age of 16. Unfortunately, she got eliminated after the first episode. She continued to work hard, simultaneously releasing her covers on YouTube. In the year 2017, Talia went on to participate in season 3 of ‘The Rap Game.’ However, she couldn’t stay in the show for long and was eliminated. In April 2017, the American rapper appeared at the Radio Disney Music Awards where she made a cameo appearance in Jordan Fisher’s performance of the song "You're Welcome."For her, rapping is an interesting way to stay connected to people as well as to convey certain thought-provoking stories to her audience. In collaboration with her sister, she created a group called 2xo. The duo released their debut single titled "Summer Love," accompanied by Ricky Garcia, in July 2017.