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Mar 7, 2003

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Personal Details

  • Birthday: March 7, 2003
  • Nationality: American
  • Famous: Hispanic Women, Hispanic Singers, Hispanics, Singers, Rappers
  • Nick names: Peachez
  • Siblings: Precious Peach
  • Birth Place: British Virgin Islands
  • Gender: Female

Supa Peach born at

British Virgin Islands

Birth Place

Supa Peach was born in the British Virgin Islands on March 7, 2003. The family later moved to Atlanta, Georgia, to provide the young performer with every possible opportunity to launch a successful career. Her mother Josetta and her older sister Precious Peach support her in her efforts to pursue a career as a rapper.

Personal Life

Supa Peach has been performing even before she turned 10. She has an impressive presence on YouTube where she posts videos of her singing, rapping and dancing. Moving to other social media platforms, she soon started to get a huge fan following on her Instagram and Snapchat profiles. However, she got into limelight after she participated in the Lifetime reality show ‘The Rap Game’ in 2016. As part of the reality show, Supa Peach and four other participants were chosen by Jermaine Dupri to compete for a chance to get signed by his So So Def Recordings label. She could not win the competition, but the platform gave her a lot of exposure to the entertainment world.

Rise To Stardom

Her experience on The Rap Game has not been very nice due to conflicts with co-stars. However, talking to an interview later, she said that she is glad about her experience during the show as she learnt a lot of new things. When asked if she is friends with any of her fellow contestants, she said she is 'cool' with them, but not particularly friends or in touch with them. She mentioned that she did consider herself to be the best performer among her competitors. She also pointed out that her only gripe with the show would be that it made her look like something she is not. Talking about Jermaine Dupri, she said his advice was that she got to be ready at all times and be at the top of her game no matter what situation she is thrown into. Her conflicts with fellow contestant Miss Mulatto has been criticized all over social media. When asked about how she responds to comments and direct messages on social media, Supa Peach said that she tries to reply to her fans whenever possible, but avoids negative comments. She, however, doesn't consider it necessary to delete negative comments as, she says, even stars like Michael Jackson faced negativity. She performs on stage always wearing a cape, which has become her trademark.

What Makes Supa Peach So Special

During her stint in the season one of The Rap Game, Supa Peach was in constant clash with another contestant Miss Mulatto, who eventually won the competition. 17-year-old Miss Mulatto had consistently tried to drag 12-year-old Supa Peach down by alleging that she doesn't write her own lyrics. When the contestants met once more in February 2016 during a reunion episode, Miss Mulatto again brought up the lyrics controversy and asked Supa Peach directly if she wrote her own lyrics. The younger contestant failed to give a direct answer and stated that she puts effort to write her lyrics and her mother sometimes assists her in doing so. The scene soon turned into a heated discussion between the family members of the contestants. Supa Peach's older sister as well as manager, who goes by the name Precious Peach, claimed that every parent helps their kids with their lyrics. To that, Mulatto's father responded by saying that he never helps her daughter write the lyrics. Once when Miss Mulatto confronted Peach's mother Josetta about her daughter lying, it seemed a fight will soon break out. Jermaine Dupri, however, intervened on time saying that they are fighting over the stupidest thing he has ever heard. He maintains that it doesn't matter who writes the lyrics for them as long as they perform well.

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