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Will Stamper is an American multitalented artist known primarily for his animations and voice acting work

Mar 8, 1983

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Personal Details

  • Birthday: March 8, 1983
  • Nationality: American
  • Famous: Animator, Voice Actors, Social Media Stars, YouTubers, Vloggers
  • City/State: Maryland
  • Nick names: Stamp, Stampy, The Postman
  • Known as: Doug Stamper, William Andrew Stamper
  • Universities:
    • High school dropout

Stamper born at

Bethesda, Maryland

Birth Place

William Andrew Stamper was born on March 8, 1983, in Bethesda, Maryland, USA. His father is of German descent, while his mother has Polynesian ancestry. Being born into a navy family, he has spent much of his childhood moving from one place to another. Following his parents, he initially wanted to pursue a career in law enforcement, and had even considered becoming a priest. He dropped out of secondary school before completing his graduation and never attended a college. Despite his devil-may-care online persona, he was very sensitive as a kid, and once rushed an injured seagull to a veterinarian after he shot it with an air pistol. He also participated in street races in his youth, but eventually stopped following a near-death experience after driving his car off an overpass.

Personal Life

Leaving high school early, Will Stamper taught himself graphics and web design through trial and error. He has been a popular Flash animator since 2000, and joined the Newgrounds team professionally around 2003. He worked on a number of collaboration projects at Newgrounds, and one of his most popular works, 'African Dudes', was created during this time. For almost 10 years, he was the lead web and graphics designer there, and his final website design is still in use. Along with a few of his animator friends from Newgrounds, he founded the website SleepyCabin and was part of the 'SleepyCast' till he left the group in early 2015 to pursue personal projects.

The Meteoric Rise to Stardom

He has worked on a number of games by The Behemoth, starting with 'Castle Crashers' in 2008, for which he had sent a music track before its release and was given credit subsequently. His best known project for the game company is 'BattleBlock Theater', which released in April 2013. He narrated the story with odd humor, as well as voiced most of the tutorials for the game on their website.

The Meteoric Rise to Stardom

He had created his YouTube account 'StamperTV' back in November 2008, even though he started posting videos regularly in the early 2012. He initially uploaded some of his earlier works, occasionally posting new videos later, one of which, 'Fat Refund', became very popular with his fans. He also has an official website by the same name which serves as an archive for various different types of content that he would not be able to put on elsewhere either for explicit content or for profanity.

The Meteoric Rise to Stardom

Will Stamper describes himself as an animator, voice actor, and an all round entertainer, who also makes music. He is known for his unique blend of humor, which has earned him a faithful fan base among people with similar taste. His humor is generally marked by its sexually explicit references. He often makes sarcastic comment on almost anything. Throughout the past two decades, he has established himself as one of the best professionals in the trade. While he has embarked on a new career path, fans from his earlier entertainment hubs still love him dearly and continue to support him earnestly.

What Makes Stamper Special

After Will Stamper left SleepyCabin, it created an online sensation among his fans, with various conspiracy theories being spread, reportedly within 15 minutes after he made the announcement. However, he had specifically mentioned that he left the group on good terms and is cordial with the rest of the members. In spite of that, Niall from SleepyCabin had to make an official statement a few months later, requesting the fans not to spread rumors and to support Stamper on his new venture. Prior to his departure, the 'SleepyCast' episodes built up the death of a cast member, which Stamper later revealed, was none other than him.

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