Shay Carl Butler

@Youtube Personality, Birthday and Family

Shay Carl Butler, aka Shay Carl, is an American vlogger, YouTuber and social media personality

Mar 5, 1980

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Personal Details

  • Birthday: March 5, 1980
  • Nationality: American
  • Famous: Author, Online Video Comedian, Youtube Personality, Instagram Stars, Social Media Stars, Vloggers
  • Nick names: Shay Carl Butler/ Shay Carl
  • Spouses: Colette Crofts or Katilette
  • Siblings: Carlie Butler, Logan Butler
  • Known as: Shay Carl

Shay Carl Butler born at

Logan, Utah, United States

Birth Place

Humor is in Shay’s blood and a friend’s suggestion to try his hand at comedy made him enter the world of YouTube videos. Shay bought a Dell laptop and from here began the story of his video blogging and being a sketch comedian for You Tube. From 2007 Shay started creating and uploading his own videos on YouTube the first being the ‘Fun with Helium and Passing Out.’ Within six months Shay gained the YouTube partner status and when he touched a pay of $2,000 a month he left his real estate and granite-laying jobs and dedicated himself to his internet channel.

The Meteoric Rise to Stardom

Pursuing his passion ardently the vlogger decided to upload a new video every day. He succeeded in his endeavor with his wife Collette’s (pseudonym Katilette) assistance. They won Mashable’s ‘Best YouTube Channel’ award in 2009 and eventually their channel became one of the most viewed channels on YouTube and was generating millions of dollars per year by 2016.

The Meteoric Rise to Stardom

Shay is a total family man. His family has been through financial crises; they had to buy second hand products and depend of food stamps once upon a time but the family remained content and worked for a better life. This family-centric and friendly outlook has earned Shay a few million subscribers who have mostly given a favorable response to his work. People adore Shay and his family because of their intimate bonding.

What Makes Shay Carl So Special

At one point the vlogger weighed 136 kg. Afraid of a heart attack at an early age, Shay began to shed weight and lost over 50 kg within a year. He ran four marathons and shared his weight loss experiences with people on the ‘ShayLoss’ channel on YouTube. During his weight loss journey, Shay decided that he wouldn’t shave his beard and or get a haircut until he reached his target of weighing 90 kg. Some viewers have also raised objection to Shay using his family for commercial and financial gains and stated that the ethics and legality of his actions must be looked into.

Beyond Fame