Sarah Jeffery

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Sarah Jeffery or Sarah Marie Jeffery is a popular Canadian actress, singer, and dancer

Apr 3, 1996

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Personal Details

  • Birthday: April 3, 1996
  • Nationality: Canadian
  • Famous: Film & Theater Personalities, Actresses
  • Siblings: Hannah (sister)
  • Universities:
    • Langley Fine Arts School
  • Birth Place: Vancouver, British Columbia, Canada
  • Height: 160cm

Sarah Jeffery born at

Vancouver, British Columbia, Canada

Birth Place

Sarah Marie Jeffery was born on April 3, 1996 in Vancouver, British Columbia, Canada. She has a sister and a brother. As the Canadian actress has not disclosed her personal details to the media, there is not enough information regarding the actress’s private life. In her spare time, she performs with her dance crew named ‘BODY’. Before becoming an actress, Sarah Jeffery wanted to become a dentist.

Personal Life

Sarah Jeffery started acting, singing, and dancing in theatrical and musical productions at the age of three. Later on, she decided to expand her horizons and work in television and films. She got her first major acting role in the year 2013 in the Cartoon Network television series ‘Aliens in the House’. A few months later, while she was attending the Langley Fine Arts School, an opportunity for a regular role came in her hands and she was cast for DirecTV's ‘Rogue’. After that, in 2015, Jeffery was offered a recurring role in the FOX TV’s ‘Wayward Pines’. She co-starred with industry heavyweights such as Matt Dillon, Terrence Howard, Melissa Leo and Carla Gugino in the series and got considerable fame for her performance. The same year, she portrayed the character of ‘Audrey’ in Disney Channel’s ‘Descendants’. This flick was highly appreciated by the audience and Jeffery got enough popularity from it.


The success of the movie ‘Descendants’ resulted in the creation of its animated spinoff ‘Descendants: Wicked World’. She also made an appearance in the movie titled ‘Across the Line’, portraying the character of a teenager straddling the line between the white and black students at her school and dealing with racial tensions. This flick won a prestigious award at the 2015 Atlantic Film Festival. The following year, in 2016, she was offered a supporting role in the crime series ‘Shades of Blue’. The same year, she starred in the comedy flick ‘Be Somebody’ with actor Matthew Espinosa. Sarah Jeffery also performed as a voice actress when she lent her voice to the animated series ‘Descendants: Wicked World’.