Robert Graysmith

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Robert Graysmith is an author best identified for his works on the ‘Zodiac Killer case’

Sep 17, 1942

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Personal Details

  • Birthday: September 17, 1942
  • Nationality: American
  • Famous: Author, Writers, Non-Fiction Writers
  • City/State: Florida
  • Spouses: Margaret Ann Womack (m. 1963–1973), Melanie Krakower (m. 1975–1980)
  • Known as: Robert Gray Smith
  • Birth Place: Pensacola, Florida, United States

Robert Graysmith born at

Pensacola, Florida, United States

Birth Place

Robert Graysmith was born as Robert Gray Smith on September 17, 1942, in Pensacola, Florida, United States. He got married to his first wife, Margaret Ann Womack, in 1963. After having two kids with her, Graysmith divorced her in 1973 and went on to marry his second wife, Melanie Krakower, two years later. The couple had a child together before separating in 1980. Details regarding the American author’s parents and educational life are not available on the web. However, one can discover more about him by following him on Facebook.

Personal Life

Robert Graysmith initially worked for the ‘San Francisco Chronicle’ as a political cartoonist. When the Zodiac Killer case came into limelight, he started writing on it and eventually gave up his career as a cartoonist. In 1986, he launched his book ‘Zodiac: The Full Story of the Infamous Unsolved Zodiac Murders in California’. Then in 1990, he wrote the book titled ‘The Sleeping Lady: The Trailside Murders Above the Golden Gate’.


Seven years later, Graysmith’s book ‘Unabomber: A Desire to Kill’ was released. Then in 1999, Graysmith launched two books ‘The Bell Tower: The Case of Jack the Ripper Finally Solved´ and ‘Ghostfleet’. Soon after this, he came up with one more book on the Zodiac Killer case. This book, titled ‘Zodiac Unmasked: The Identity of America's Most Elusive Serial Killer,’ was released in April 2002. A year later, the American true-crime author released his book titled ‘Amerithrax: The Hunt for the Anthrax Killer’.


In the year 2009, he published ‘The Laughing Gorilla: The True Story of the Hunt for One of America's First Serial Killers’. This was followed by his book ‘The Girl In Alfred Hitchcock's Shower’ which was released in February 2010. Two years later, Graysmith came up with his book ‘Black Fire: The True Story of the Original Tom Sawyer—and of the Mysterious Fires That Baptized Gold Rush-Era San Francisco’.