Rebecca Sugar

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Rebecca Sugar is an animator, screenwriter, director, songwriter, and producer

Jul 9, 1987

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Personal Details

  • Birthday: July 9, 1987
  • Nationality: American
  • Famous: Animator, Producer, Screenwriter, Songwriters, Film & Theater Personalities, Directors, Miscellaneous
  • City/State: Maryland
  • Partners:
    • Ian Jones-Quartey (2008–present)
  • Siblings: Steven Sugar
  • Known as: Rebecca Rea Sugar

Rebecca Sugar born at

Silver Spring, Maryland

Birth Place

Rebecca Sugar was born on July 9, 1987 in Silver Spring, Maryland, the USA to Rob Sugar and his wife. She has a brother named Steven who serves as a background designer for her series ‘Steven Universe.’ Sugar simultaneously attended the Visual Arts Center at the Albert Einstein High School and Montgomery Blair High School. She later attended School of Visual Arts in New York.

Personal Life

Talking about her love life, the American animator is in a relationship with animator/writer/voice artist Ian Jones-Quartey since 2008. Sugar is a bisexual woman.

Personal Life

Rebecca Sugar first joined the crew of the series ‘Adventure Time’ as a storyboard revisionist. Within a month of being hired for the show, she was promoted to a storyboard artist, making her debut with the episode "It Came from the Nightosphere". During this time, she created an animated short film titled "Singles”. Sugar also started working on the series ‘Steven Universe’ while still contributing to ‘Adventure Time.’ She worked on ‘Adventure Time’ till its fifth season and then left it to focus on ‘Steven Universe.’ Sugar returned temporarily to write Adventure Time’s track "Everything Stays" for its seventh season miniseries titled "Stakes".


In December 2016, a comic book publisher featured Sugar's story notes and sketches from an unpublished book as an issue of the art/comics anthology series ‘Frontier.’Sugar is also known for working as a storyboard artist for the animated flick ‘Hotel Transylvania’. She contributed to "Don't Cry for Me, I'm Already Dead", a comic story, as well. In 2017, she created end titles for the action comedy series ‘OK K.O.! Let's Be Heroes’. Sugar has also created a graphic novel titled ‘Pug Davis.’ In addition, she has worked in Jim Gisriel and Ian Jones-Quartey’s web series ‘nockFORCE’.