Oscar Rosenstroem

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Oscar Rosenstroem is a Danish Musical.ly star

Mar 14, 2002

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Personal Details

  • Birthday: March 14, 2002
  • Nationality: Danish
  • Famous: Musical.ly Stars, Social Media Stars, TikTok Stars, YouTubers
  • Siblings: Emilie Rosenstroem
  • Birth Place: Denmark
  • Gender: Male
  • Sun Sign: Pisces

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Oscar Rosenstroem shot into the spotlight when he posted a lip-sync video of Cameron Dallas’s song ‘She Bad’ on Musical.ly. He gradually started becoming popular towards the end of the year 2015, and the number of his followers started increasing exponentially, with over 750K followers today! Most of his fan base includes teenagers from around the world, who themselves also post clips of videos captured while lip-syncing to songs. His other stronghold of popularity is Instagram, where Rosenstroem has acquired over 113K followers in the space of a year. The teenager has this massive fan following even though he has very few videos here, which implies this is based just on the photos he has posted of himself! Hot and fresh out the kitchen ? Follow me on @Musical.ly : OscarRosenstroem Tag 3 friends ❤️ A video posted by OscarRosenstroem (@oscarrosenstroem) on May 5, 2016 at 11:30am PDT

The Meteoric Rise to Stardom

What makes Oscar’s Musical.ly videos so popular is the fact that he often uses literal actions as per the words of songs he is lip-syncing to. Also, unlike his contemporaries, he performs to a wide variety of songs, from hip-hop to rap to acoustic covers, equally well! Oscar Rosenstroem has hundreds of Musical.ly videos to his name and he keeps uploading more and more day by day. Tag 3 friends Musical.ly : OscarRosenstroem ??? A video posted by OscarRosenstroem (@oscarrosenstroem) on Jul 19, 2016 at 10:56am PDT

What Makes Oscar Rosenstroem So Special

As a Musical.ly star, Oscar did not become popular from the very beginning. Some of his more famous clips include Cameron Dallas’s song ‘She Bad’ and One Direction’s acoustic version of ‘Perfect’. Although he is often compared to Jacob Sartorius and Cameron Dallas, Oscar Rosenstroem maintains his own personal touch in all his videos. While it can be quite difficult to act as well as lip-sync to various songs simultaneously, Oscar manages to make it look effortless and that is the secret of his success. Tag 5 friends Musical.ly : OscarRosenstroem ?? A video posted by OscarRosenstroem (@oscarrosenstroem) on Sep 20, 2016 at 7:39am PDT

Beyond Fame