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Jun 26, 1985

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Personal Details

  • Birthday: June 26, 1985
  • Nationality: Canadian
  • Famous: Comedienne, Youtubers, Teens and Kids, YouTubers, Comedy YouTubers
  • Universities:
    • Humber College
  • Birth Place: Hamilton
  • Height: 175cm
  • Gender: Female

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Birth Place

Nicole has always been a lover of performing—whether it meant singing, dancing, or even making the crowd laugh with her amusing sense of humor. Growing up, she used to spend most of her waking hours either dancing or acting in theatre, and later went on to become the captain of Canadian All Star Dance in her early 20s. Before starting a YouTube channel, Nicole had gained popularity as an actress for her role in ‘Howie Do It’ and ‘Silent but Deadly.’ She even appeared in the Rainn Wilson film, ‘The Rocker’ in the year 2008. Soon Arbour switched gears and announced the release of her single ‘Bang Bang’ and a few years later, released the single and music video of ‘Fun Revolution.’

The Meteoric Rise To Stardom

In the year 2009, Nicole dived into the world of social media by creating a self-titled channel on YouTube that showcased her skills as a comedienne. Posting regular videos that throw light on tough topics like ‘Dear Feminists’ and ‘Dear Refugees’, she claims that none of her videos are meant to be taken seriously, but satirically. The channel that is currently brimming with content that is in the receiving end of both hate and love, Nicole’s unabashed approach toward people’s approval sure does make her channel stand out! One of her uploads ‘Dear Fat People’ was one that didn’t go too well with the viewers, and had received backlash for its rude content. Many celebs came forward showing their disapproval, and YouTube even went to the extent of deleting Nicole’s channel. But Nicole didn’t let that alter her decision to continue as a YouTuber and said she would still go on posting videos under the same channel.

The Meteoric Rise To Stardom

Nicole has got to be the ultimate figure when it comes to all things badass and unapologetic. Even after being bombarded with hate and rude comments after allegations of abuse by her former partner, she not once let that affect her career as a social media star. Nicole has also proved that hard work and commitment goes a long way when she received the nomination for Shorty’s Best Comedian award. No doubt, this trooper of a celeb is on to motivate and inspire this generation to never apologize for being true to oneself!

What Makes Nicole Arbour So Special

Nicole Arbour made headlines when she took to her social media channels to confirm her relationship with fellow YouTuber, Matthew Santoro. But soon after they called it quits, Arbour found herself drowning in hate and criticisms from the audience after Santoro alleged that he had been physically and emotionally abused by Nicole. She then claimed that he was on a roll just to bring her career down, and was using their breakup as a means to gain attention.

Beyond Fame