Nia Lovelis

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Nia Lovelis is an American professional drummer

Jan 1, 1997

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Personal Details

  • Birthday: January 1, 1997
  • Nationality: American
  • Famous: Musicians, Drummers
  • City/State: New Yorkers
  • Spouses: Brennan Benko (ex)
  • Siblings: Rena Lovelis
  • Known as: Szatania Angelika Morze Enea

Nia Lovelis born at

New York, USA

Birth Place

Nia Lovelis was born as Szatania Angelika Morze Enea on January 1, 1997 at the Pearl River Hilton Hotel in Pearl River, New York and was raised in the Orangetown area. She was born into a musical family; her mother, Ana Lovelis (previously Stacy Morze), is an actress and musician who was the lead singer/songwriter in the alt-rock band 'Doxy', while her father was a touring keyboard tech and built studios. Moreover, their house was frequented by many musicians. Both she and her younger sister Rena Lovelis developed their interest in music early on in their life. She herself became interested in playing drums after her parents took her to horseback riding, where the sound and feel of the rhythm got stuck in her head.

Childhood & Early Life

Around the time she was seven or eight, Nia Lovelis started practicing on a set of Roland V-Drums that her parents had set up in the garage. To further hone her skills, she started taking lessons and also joined a band camp. However, that experience was pretty depressing for her, and inspired her to have her own ‘real band’. She was also interested in competing with other kids of her age to make herself a better performer. As such, at the age of just eleven, she responded to an ad looking for a teenage drummer. She went to a rehearsal studio in The Valley, where she jammed with some other very talented girls. In 2008, while they were still in middle school, they formed the all-girl hard rock group 'Cherri Bomb', which also consisted of Julia Pierce and Miranda Miller apart from her and her sister Rena. While there have been changes in the roster since the band’s inception, the two sister have been permanent members of it. The popular band has so far released two studio albums, three extended plays, nine singles, and nine music videos.

The Meteoric Rise to Stardom

Starting her professional career so early has had its drawbacks too. Nia Lovelis was a young and inexperienced drummer who was unaware how physically stressful her passion could be. She was also unaware of the intricacies of how to set up her kit properly, how to hold her sticks to reduce stress to her body, and so on. As her body started to hurt, she complained to their manager and superstar female drummer Samantha Maloney, who repositioned her toms, cymbals, and seat; taught her stick control and handling; as well as educated her about the importance of warming up. She also learned some tricks by watching her favorite drummers like Josh Freese, Ilan Rubin, Stewart Copeland, Taylor Hawkins, Dave Grohl, John Bonham, Terry Bozzio, Bernard Purdie, Cindy Blackman and Sheila E. She recounts that people initially told them that no one would pay attention to barely teenage girls playing rock music. However, according to her, dreaming hard and practicing harder have made it possible for them.