Nia Kay

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Nia Kay is a Rapper and social media star

Dec 8, 2001

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Personal Details

  • Birthday: December 8, 2001
  • Nationality: American
  • Famous: Singers, Rappers
  • City/State: Chicago, Illinois
  • Known as: Nia Kay Speaks
  • Birth Place: Chicago
  • Gender: Female

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Birth Place

She is a born star! With her family history reflecting musicians, this young lady took to music at the age of four. Before she shot to fame, she used to sing at the church choir and performed at family gatherings. At ten, she released her first video on YouTube called ‘In My Zone.’ With support from friends and multiple viewers, she collaborated with her cousin, Trueblu to form the rapping duo ‘Diary4Two.’ The videos were shared on all forums and she gained recognition, especially with her compilation called ‘NiaKay Freestyles.’ She joined the second season of the reality show ‘The Rap Game’ which premiered on 22 July 2016, where she not only impressed the judges but also consolidated a huge fan base. Twitter went berserk with the talent the little lady possessed. She is currently performing as a solo artist and her latest singles are ‘Walked In - Remix’ and her Viva debut ‘Extra- feat Pink Bandz.’

The Meteoric Rise to Stardom

No one answers the question better than Nia Kay herself when she says, “I think out of the box. My music is unique, I don’t want to add to the music industry, I want to change and empower it.” She is a young girl with drive and zest for life, her smile will win your heart before her talent does. Honest and true, she is humble and leaves all decisions to her family. She believes that it is her passion and hard work that has taken her up the ladder. She aims to reach the stars and is a dreamer. At the same time, she knows her duties as a daughter and a student and undertakes her responsibilities for the same.

What Makes Nia Kay So Special

The world reckons her as a teenage rapper, but Nia is more than that. She is also a brilliant student and has never scored below an A grade in any subject. Her keen desire to learn music made her take classes for playing the saxophone, violin and piano. She has also taken dance lessons. She aspires to be like her idol Nicki Minaj, and attributes her success to her hometown. Since she is from Chicago, where nothing comes easy, she is very perseverant. When asked in an interview what she foresees for her future, she spontaneously replied that she envisions world tours as an artist, in order to make her music known internationally.

Beyond Fame