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Jan 20, 2000

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Personal Details

  • Birthday: January 20, 2000
  • Nationality: German
  • Famous: Singer-songwriter, Songwriters, Lyricists & Songwriters, Singers, Pop Singers
  • Birth Place: Kehl
  • Gender: Male
  • Sun Sign: Capricorn
  • Born in: Kehl

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Birth Place

Mike’s passion for music started in 2012, when he was merely 12 years old. He started experimenting with music and tried learning to play the guitar. Finally, he became a part of the reality show ‘The Voice Kids - Season 3’, in 2013. Mike was just 13 years old when he participated in the show. His unconventional rendition of Justin Bieber’s ‘Boyfriend’ enthralled the judges and the viewers too found the performance endearing. Judge Lena Meyer-Landrut pressed the button and hugged Mike for his performance during that unforgettable episode. Since then his popularity has increased exponentially. Mike is sixteen years old now and has just released a single titled ‘KARMA’ which has turned out to be a super-hit and the lad has already completed his first tour. His first single had generated an impressive 1,637,112 views until recently and is currently working on his music album with ‘Warner Music’, which is slated for release in February 2017. With a second tour lined up in 2017, this German teen is promising to be the next big singing phenomenon of the country. We find validation of our prediction in the news that Mike Singer has been nominated for the ‘Bravo otto-election’ in the ‘Super-Singer’ category in 2016.

The Meteoric Rise to Stardom

Apart from possessing an amazing voice with a unique style of singing, Mike has also floored many people with his great looks and sense of style. Mike seems to be close to the prince charming many teen girls fancy. Those intense and divine blue eyes have made many members of the fairer sex skip a heartbeat. During his live performances, Mike is super-energetic, infuses life into his gigs and enthralls the audience. He engages with the audience at a fantastic level. He is humble and down to earth without a hint of arrogance. His passion for his music comes across in his performances, be it on stage or his YouTube videos.

What Makes the Person So Special

So far Mike has been successful in maintaining a pristine image among his fans. The only talking point apart from his singing talent is his most recent body accessory. The star recently got a tattoo arm to commemorate his first hit single. He had the word ‘KARMA’ tattooed on his forearm. Sleek and sophisticated, the tattoo symbolizes a milestone in his music career. His fans are swooning over this addition and are eagerly waiting for him to flaunt it in his next tour while he performs the title. The 16-year-old prefers singing songs about love although he claims that he has still not experienced that emotion. With hope he finds love soon!

Beyond Fame