Mia Sand

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Mia Sand, also known by her online alias 'Miss Mia Fit', is a Danish fitness model

Oct 11, 1987

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Personal Details

  • Birthday: October 11, 1987
  • Nationality: Danish
  • Famous: Fitness Model, Instagram Stars, Instagram Fitness Models, YouTubers
  • Known as: Miss Mia Fit
  • Childrens: Sean
  • Birth Place: Denmark
  • Height: 170cm

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Birth Place

Mia Sand was born on October 11, 1987 in Denmark. She is in a relationship with a man whom she met via a Danish dating site. She is a young mother who had her first child, son Sean, during her early twenties. She is expecting her second child.

Personal Life

Mia Sand had always been a tall girl with curves. Like most girls her age, she had difficulties accepting her size as everyone around her was smaller compared to her. However, she eventually learned that she needed to admire what she saw in the mirror and determined to make her current body look better. She began visiting the local gym by the time she was well past 25 and was the mother of a child. At the time, she had gained some extra weight that she was not happy about, and decided to exercise regularly. She soon fell in love with weight training and, following the advice of an experienced trainer, began heavy lifting to sculpt her muscles. Her trainer also taught her that there are no shortcuts, but it is a mind game that she can beat easily with determination to achieve her goal.

Rise to Stardom

Based on her own experiences, she now encourages young women uncomfortable with their body shape and size to take the initiative to work hard to build their dream figure, because no one else can achieve that for them. And for young mothers, her advice is not to settle for being a mom merely, but rather to do something for themselves and their bodies. She also doesn't shy away from reminding herself and everyone around her that what she has achieved is by setting norm defying goals for herself, and not by conforming to standard norms set by the society. With this mindset, she inspires a huge fan base of young women as well as men, who make up the 808k followers on her Instagram account.

Rise to Stardom

To be 'fit', according to Mia Sand's online alias, it is important to be strong and have an aesthetically pleasing figure, which she achieves by combining powerlifting with bodybuilding. If one week she does a lot of heavy compound exercises with low reps, she complements that with isolation movements, with a rep range between10-12, the other week. While she doesn't do cardio exercises on a daily basis, she likes to reduce the rest period between sets to keep her heart pumping throughout the entire workout session. Some of her favorite exercises include dips, bench press, and squats, with the last being her top priority as the ultimate glute builder, which is her favorite muscle to train. To lose extra fat, she includes rest periods of 20 seconds between each set, in addition to inserting drop sets and super sets as required.

Mia's Workout Schedule

The most important thing that Mia Sand has taught via her own journey is that it is not necessary to conform to societal norms to be successful. In the fitness industry, as well as the entertainment industry, there is are set definitions of 'fit' and 'beautiful', both of which can not only be misleading, but be totally wrong. Instead of letting the set image influence her, Mia has created her own look for which she is now praised by people all over the world. Not only that, despite her unconventional figure, she has managed to find success as a fitness model in the industry preoccupied by rigid standards.

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