Meital Dohan

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Meital Dohan is an award-winning Israeli theater, film, and television actress, comedian and singer

Aug 24, 1979

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Personal Details

  • Birthday: August 24, 1979
  • Nationality: Israeli
  • Famous: Israeli Women, Film & Theater Personalities, Actresses, Comedians, Singers
  • Boy Friends: Al Pacino
  • Known as: Meital
  • Universities:
    • Nissan Nativ
  • Birth Place: Ra'anana

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Birth Place

Meital Dohan was born on August 24, 1979, in a small village outside Ra'anana in central Israel. She began attending the Nissan Nativ acting school as a teenager. During her student years, she was awarded several scholarships by the America Israel Cultural Foundation.

Personal Life

At the age of 13, Meital Dohan began taking acting lessons and secured a place in the Israel Defense Forces Entertainment Corps. Later, during her first year of study at Israel's prestigious Nissan Nativ acting school, she wrote, directed, and acted in an original theatre movement production. She began appearing on television programs in her second year and acted in a couple feature films in the third year, which helped her get a contract with Israel's Cameri Theater even before completing graduation in 1998.

Rise to Stardom

One of her earliest works that earned her recognition was 'Best Friends', performed at the Cameri Theater, for which she won the 'Israeli Tony Award' for the 'Most Promising New Actress' in 2000. In the following years, she continued to work in Israeli theatre, films and on television, and was eventually invited to America to perform in plays, such as 'Blood Wedding' and 'Bath Party'. However, she gained international attention after portraying the role of Yael Hoffman in the American TV show 'Weeds' in 2006. She is also a critically acclaimed comedian and has launched her singing career in recent years with the release of a couple of globally popular singles.

Rise to Stardom

During her early stage career, Meital Dohan worked with two major theatres including Cameri Theater. Apart from her award-winning performance in 'Best Friends', she also played Juliet in 'Romeo and Juliet', had a role written especially for her by the Israeli playwright, Edna Mazya, in 'Bad Children', sang and acted in 'Moving Flesh', and co-wrote 'Sex on the High Holidays' with Israeli singer Ivri Lider. She later moved to films and television and earned 'Israeli Oscar' nominations for playing Layla in 'God's Sandbox' and Efrat in 'Giraffes'. She also co-wrote the script for the film 'Orgy by Heart' and played the central role of Nataly on the comedy series 'Ugliest Esti'.

Early Acting Career

In 2011, Meital Dohan announced that she had begun recording her debut solo album, 'I'm In Hate with Love', with Che Pope, and released her first video, 'Yummy Boyz', in October that year. The video immediately became viral thanks to its catchy and upbeat tune, as well as her familiar sexy and playful appearance. It was followed by her debut single 'Yummy', produced by Afuni, which trended at No.1 globally on 'Reverb Nation' and was played on radio stations and clubs around the world. Several news outlets including 'MTV Buzzworthy', 'AOL', 'Artist Direct', 'Maxim', and 'Yahoo' named her "the next triple threat". Her next single 'On Ya', featuring Sean Kingston, had already reached No.31 on the 'Billboard Dance Chart' and No.5 on the UK's 'Pop Chart' before its official release on October 23, 2012.

Music Career