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All about American actor, Vine Star, and YouTube Personality Jesse Ridgway (McJuggerNuggets); his age, birthday, net worth, girlfriends, and some fun facts.

Sep 29, 1992

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Personal Details

  • Birthday: September 29, 1992
  • Nationality: American
  • Famous: Vine Star, Youtubers, Actors, Social Media Stars, Viners, YouTubers
  • City/State: New Jersey, New Yorkers
  • Siblings: Jeffrey Ridgway Jr.
  • Known as: Jesse Taylor Ridgway
  • Birth Place: New Jersey, New York City

McJuggerNuggets born at

New Jersey, New York City

Birth Place

Even though Jesse Ridgway became famous for his short videos and skits, he got real fame when started making his own miniseries. He produced, acted, and directed a number of miniseries like ‘Overachievers’, ‘The G.A.M.E.’, and ‘Rule 19’ which boosted his image as a complete artiste. Later he made another popular TV series called ‘Psycho Series.’ He directed this series on his own and hence got a lot of popularity. The series had a fifty episode run and 400+ vlogs that were posted on his YouTube and Twitch accounts. Jesse played the role of a manipulative man-child who terrorizes everyone in his home and neighborhood. He got a lot of appreciation for his performance in this series as he tried to act as realistically as possible. He made a lot of money through the series and could pay off his US $ 70,000 college debt through this money. He later directed another miniseries called ‘C-R-I-S-I-S’ which was completely shot in Switzerland. The miniseries was also a success and satisfied his fans who were suffering from withdrawal symptoms of his ‘Psycho Series.’

The Meteoric Rise to Stardom

What makes Jesse Ridgway so special is his focus on giving quality programs to his fans. His short videos are to the point and do not lose focus from the main theme. He does not even mind taking major risks while performing in his videos. He has even suffered major injuries due to the risks he likes to take. In the year 2014, he suffered from a major brain injury while filming for a skit. He fell face-first on a hard table and was hospitalized for weeks before he could recover completely.

What Makes Jesse Ridgway So Special

Jesse Ridgway maintains good relationships with his family and other costars. He was in a relationship with a girl called Juliette Reilly in 2013. Then he started dating Kate. In the year 2015, rumors surfaced in certain sections of media that Jesse Ridgway and his girlfriend were having differences and were about to part. Currently they are said to have broken up. Jesse takes special interest in charitable activities. For every six months of fan mail, Jesse Ridgway donates $500 to charitable organizations that care for children from abusive households.

Beyond Fame