Max Riemelt

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Max Riemelt is a famous German actor

Jan 7, 1984

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Personal Details

  • Birthday: January 7, 1984
  • Nationality: German
  • Famous: Film & Theater Personalities, Actors
  • Siblings: Lukas Riemelt
  • Birth Place: Germany
  • Height: 180cm
  • Gender: Male

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Birth Place

Max Riemelt was born on January 1984 in Berlin, Germany. His parents Gunnar and Judith Riemelt are both graphic designers, and that explains where he got his creative gene from. He has a younger brother called Lukas Riemelt, who is an actor himself. His interests include rapping, football, and kickboxing, which he is very passionate about. He has one little daughter.

Personal Life

From the young age of eleven, Max Riemelt started participating in school plays. But he had never expected to make a career out of acting; hence he did not formally attend any acting schools or even drama groups. He claims to be way more comfortable acting in front of a camera, as opposed to being on stage. He made his acting debut with a small role in a German film in the year 1997, and hasn’t looked back since. His breakthrough happened in 2001, with his role as ‘Flin’ in Dennis Gansel’s comedy ‘Girls on Top’. He went on to reprise his role in the second part of the move titled ‘Girls on Top 2’. He is also well-known for acting in movies such as ‘Before the Fall (2004)’, ‘The Wave (2008)’ and ‘Free Fall (2013)’. His highest rated movies include ‘Berlin Syndrome’ and ‘We are the Night’. Max Riemelt is the recipient of a few prestigious awards given to him in recognition of his talents. At the 2004 Karlovy Vary International Film Festival, he won the best actor award for ‘Napola’ and in the 2006 Bavarian Film Awards, he won the best young actor award for ‘Der Rote Kakadu’.


His talent, passion, and the ability to portray a diverse set of characters, make Max Riemelt truly unique. He has broken the silence surrounding drama schools and has spoken about his aversion to these schools, and how they treat people in an inhumane way. He talked about how drama schools build people up, only to break them—this comment makes a lot of sense to industry insiders. His curiosity in trying out different roles, and his keenness on improvisation and personalization of the characters according to his style, makes him truly remarkable.

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