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Check out all that you wanted to know about Mari Takahashi, the famous Japanese-American YouTube personality; her birthday, her family and personal life, her boyfriend, fun trivia facts and more.

Nov 2, 1984

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Personal Details

  • Birthday: November 2, 1984
  • Nationality: Japanese, American
  • Famous: Producer, Youtubers, Social Media Stars, YouTubers, Gamers, Writers
  • City/State: California
  • Nick names: AtomicMari
  • Birth Place: California
  • Born Country: United States

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Think of the most happening and enthralling YouTube channels of the present age, and it wouldn’t be too long before the channel Smosh comes to mind. With 22 million subscribers, this YouTube comedy series channel is no doubt the ultimate phenom. And when the co-founders Ian Hecox and Antony Padilla decided to expand their channel and make it more vibrant than ever, they hired Mariko Takahashi and launched the ‘Smosh Pit Weekly.’ Thus stepping into her new career with the channel, Mari hosted the first ever episode ‘We have Crabs’, and later went on to become the official host of the series. During its initial phase, the channel saw an onslaught of comments ranging from constructive to sheer mean criticisms--racists and sexist--and it slowly took a toll on the overall ratings. Even though Miss Takahashi braved the hate and ignored the negativity, the ‘Smosh Pit Weekly’ became the most disliked among all the Smosh series. But just like the light at the end of the tunnel, the series soon found favor after the improved content struck a chord with the audience. However, in the year 2015, Mari’s ‘Smosh Pit Weekly’ was discontinued, and she is now seen on the Smosh’s 2nd channel and Smosh Games.

The Meteoric Rise To Stardom

Making great waves as one of the competitive gamers on the channel, Mari’s gaming episodes called ‘Maricraft’ and her appearances on shows like ‘Grand Theft Smosh’, ‘Backseat Gaming’, and ‘Gamer Nation’ have further boosted her image. Mari also has a personal channel called ‘AtomicMari’, where she is seen in her most authentic self, either vlogging or sharing her ballet routine videos. There is no limit to what she can do! From being a fashionista donning the most eccentric dyed hair, to a badass gamer that won’t quit, to even being the most graceful ballet dancer, Mari does it all! She is on her way to inspire the masses to be just as invincible as she is, and till then Mari can be hailed as one of the finest YouTubers/gamers this generation is blessed with!

The Meteoric Rise To Stardom

Mariko is the kind of YouTuber who will have you spellbound with her vibrant personality. With her game-face on and ready to break anything and anyone that comes in her way in a game, Mari has broken all stereotypes that once ruled out girls as gamers. And shattering those glass ceilings further by being a ballet dancer who competed at the crazy ‘SurvivorMillenialsVSGenX’ on ‘CBS’, she has done her fair bit to redefine what a girl can do. Being a victim of racism and sexism herself, she didn’t let that shatter her; she actually turned that very negativity to something that took on the shape of empowerment.

What Makes Mariko Takahashi So Special

Mariko has been in a relationship with entrepreneur Peter Kitch since the year 2010. He even made an appearance in one of her videos ‘Mari Learns to Ride a Bike’, and looks like the spark between them is surely on to become a great flame!

Beyond Fame