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Dec 17, 1998

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Personal Details

  • Birthday: December 17, 1998
  • Nationality: Spanish
  • Famous: Tv Personality, Teens and Kids, YouTubers, Vloggers, YouTube Singers
  • Nick names: Manu Rios Fernandez
  • Siblings: Josemy (Older Brother)
  • Birth Place: Calzada, Calatrava, Spain
  • Gender: Male

Manu Rios born at

Calzada, Calatrava, Spain

Birth Place

Manu Rios’ walk to fame started when he was barely nine years old. A casual call from the production team of the TV series, Cantando en Familia changed the course of his life forever. He not just passed the audition but sealed the fate of his career as well. Since his debut, Rios hasn’t stopped working. He was selected to join the national TV show ‘Tú sí que vales’ which gave him further exposure, lending him a chance to showcase his dancing talent. He reached the semi-final round in the show. This apart, he was also cast in the musical TV show ‘Cántame cómo pasó’ on TVE. Later in 2010, Rios played the role of Gavroche in the internationally known musical Les Miserables at an internationally renowned Spanish theatre in Madrid. Rios was part of the new Parchís teen band and did a role in the 2012 musical ‘Don Pepito’. A powerhouse of talent, Rios has gained much fame and popularity, his social media accounts baring it all. His YouTube channel is also quite popular wherein he regularly posts vlogs and song covers.

The Meteoric Rise To Stardom

One look at Manu Rios and you would know that he is extremely special. The determination in his eyes and his strong resolve overpowers his personality making him exceptional and extraordinary. Funny and sensitive, he is committed to chase his dreams and knows the price that he has to pay to achieve his ambition. Manu knows that unless he works extremely hard he won’t achieve the success that he aims for himself. As such, he gives his 100 percent at his work which is greatly visible in his acting career. Acting apart, Manu Rios has not given up on his education and puts in a lot of effort to be the best at school as well. He wishes to pursue a course in media studies.

What Makes Manu Rios Special

Though Manu Rios has achieved great success early in his lifetime, he has no airs about it. Inside, he is a simple guy who like any other boy of his age loves doing regular stuff when not in front of camera. Rios, as his friends call him, has a passion for music. He loves listening to Rihanna y Adele, Demi Lovato, Justin Bieber, 1D and others. He enjoys partying, moving out with friends and dancing. He loves playing with his pet dogs and enjoys reading books, his favourite being ‘The Boy in the Striped Pyjamas’. His most loved thing is his photocamera and his favourite game is Parchís.

Beyond Fame