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May 17, 1978

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Personal Details

  • Birthday: May 17, 1978
  • Nationality: American
  • Famous: Daughter of Steve Jobs, Harvard University, Media Personalities, Journalists, Essayists
  • City/State: Oregon
  • Siblings: Erin Sienna, Eve, Reed Paul
  • Known as: Lisa Nicole Brennan-Jobs
  • Childrens: Carl Jobs

Lisa Brennan-Jobs born at

Oregon, United States

Birth Place

Lisa Brennan-Jobs was born in Portland, Oregon, to parents Steve Jobs and Chrisann Brennan. She has three half siblings, Erin, Eve, and Reed from her father’s marriage to Laurene Powell Jobs. She has an aunt, Mona Simpson, who is a writer. She had a complicated relationship with her father. Shortly after she was born, Steve Jobs named a computer project ‘the Apple Lisa’. However, he denied his paternity and claimed the project was not named after his daughter but was a short form of ‘Local Integrated Systems Architecture’. Decades later, Steve Jobs admitted that the project was indeed named for his daughter. After his death, he left Lisa Brennan-Jobs a multimillion-dollar inheritance in his will.

Personal Life

Lisa Brennan-Jobs was born with the name Lisa Nicole Brennan on May 17, 1978 in Portland, Oregon. Her father, Steve Jobs, and mother, Chrisann Brennan met in high school and had an on-off link up for the next five years. In 1977, after Steve Jobs co-founded Apple, he moved into a house with Chrisann and one of his friends and co-worker, Daniel Kottke. Soon Chrisann became pregnant but Jobs denied that he was the father. In 1978, Chrisann gave birth to their daughter on All One Farm Commune in the absence of Steve Jobs. Three days after the child’s delivery, he showed up and the couple decided to name their child ‘Lisa’. However, Jobs still denied paternity and this made Chrisann end their relationship. She decided to raise Lisa all by herself by cleaning houses. She also took the case to court and Steve Jobs was made to pay $385 per month to Chrisann as a part of a legal settlement. After he became a millionaire, he increased the pay to $500 per month. Years later, Steve Jobs attempted to reconcile with his daughter. He apologized to Chrisann several times and when Lisa was nine years old, the father–daughter duo reconciled. It was after this reconciliation that Lisa decided to change her name from Lisa Nicole Brennan to Lisa Brennan-Jobs. Coming to Lisa’s education, she attended the Nueva School while living with her mother. Later on, after moving in with her father, she studied at Palo Alto High School. In 1996, she joined the Harvard University for graduation. She also studied overseas at King’s College London for one year.

Childhood & Early Life

While attending the Harvard University, Lisa Brennan-Jobs wrote for ‘The Harvard Crimson.’ After graduating in 2000, she moved to Manhattan to pursue her career as a professional writer. She wrote for ‘The Harvard Advocate,’ ‘Spiked,’ ‘The Southwest Review’ and ‘The Massachusetts Review.’ Today, apart from being a journalist and magazine writer, Lisa Brennan-Jobs works as a freelance writer and runs her own blog. She has been featured in a number of biographies of her father, including an authorized biography ‘Steve Jobs’ by Walter Isaacson. Apart from this, she has been depicted in Mona Simpson's 1996 novel named ‘A Regular Guy’. She has also been portrayed in three biopic films: ‘Pirates of Silicon Valley’, ‘Jobs’ and ‘Steve Jobs’.

Later Life