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Feb 15, 2003

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Personal Details

  • Birthday: February 15, 2003
  • Nationality: American
  • Famous: Singers, Rappers
  • City/State: Massachusetts
  • Nick names: Luis Rivera Jr.
  • Birth Place: Brockton, Massachusetts
  • Gender: Female

Lil Poopy born at

Brockton, Massachusetts

Birth Place

In 2012, when the boy first came up with the music video of "Pop That Remix", it not only took the internet world by surprise, it also caused the Massachusetts Department of Children and Families to book his father for possible child abuse. As shocking as that might be, it was not without reasons though. The video featured a 9-year-old Lil Poopy singing about drugs, money and women, and it even ends in him spanking an adult woman more than twice his age. You can shrug it off saying it is merely a kid trying to copy his so-called "role models" that he sees on other videos. However, it is more likely that you will be outraged by those troubling images like many parents did when the video came out. The child abuse charges on his father were later dropped, but the little boy remained on the minds of people.

The Meteoric Rise To Stardom

Evidently, Lil Poopy is unlike any kid as he can be seen glorifying things that are not only illegal for a kid of his age, but also for adults. In his debut song itself, the boy proudly claims, "Coke ain't a bad word". However, the young boy once told in an episode of The Rap Game that he raps about the environment surrounding him, and that his neighborhood is horrible. According to his manager, Devon Sydney, Lil Poopy is "talented", as well as "very mature and confident" for his age. According to him, the boy likes music, likes the things he is doing, and can stand on the stage and perform comfortably. According to his father, Luis Rivera Sr., Lil Poopy is a talented kid who is just acting in his music videos. His father insists that the family always tries to keep the young sensation grounded. He also claimed that despite the content of his songs, he never once cursed in his songs. Lil Poopy is a smart kid who goes to school regularly.

What Makes Lil Poopy So Special

As soon as the first video was published with Lil Poopy in it, it caused a huge uproar among people all over the internet, and especially took parents off-guard. His controversial performance aside, an incident like his father being slapped with a child abuse and neglect complaint hurt them in many ways. For one, YouTube pulled out one video in which he can be seen in a night club making obscene gestures and spanking an older woman. Once the investigation into his father's parenting habits started, even French Montana, the founder of Cocaine City Records, for which the "Coke Boys" work, distanced himself from Lil Pooper stating that the young artist is not signed with his studio. The lawyer for his father went as far as suggesting that the family was being subjected to racial bias as the Riveras are African Americans, originally from Puerto Rico. In 2016, after the news spread that the 13 years old rapper signed a 4-year deal with Sony/Epic, officials from the record label quickly rubbished rumors of them signing any deal with Lil Poopy.

Beyond Fame