Leanna Decker

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Aug 31, 1991

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Personal Details

  • Birthday: August 31, 1991
  • Nationality: American
  • Famous: Instagram Star, Models, Instagram Stars, Instagram Models, Social Media Stars, Teens and Kids
  • City/State: Kentucky
  • Birth Place: Ashland, Kentucky
  • Height: 164cm
  • Gender: Female

Leanna Decker born at

Ashland, Kentucky

Birth Place

Leanna Decker rose to stardom by virtue of her modelling career. She started her career in modelling with the help of a local photographer and posted those photographs on Model Mayhem. Her beauty and grace soon gained recognition, and Leanna in no time, became a famous model. She has left no stone unturned in her quest to become a unique personality. She believes that in order to grow as a human being, one has to constantly learn new things and evolve with time. She is also very ambitious on the professional front. Leanna has modelled for clothing lines like RSVLTS and has appeared on covers of popular magazines. The model once revealed in an interview that she doesn’t shy away from posting explicit videos of herself. That is the reason why she was named Playboy’s Cyber Girl of the Year in 2012. Her popularity as a model has made her a social media sensation as well and she has over 506K followers on Instagram!

The Meteoric Rise to Stardom

Right from the beginning of her modelling career, Leanna has always been seen on the covers of popular magazines. Her stunningly curvaceous figure has grabbed the audience attention to such an extent that she has got more than 124K followers on Twitter as of April 2017. When you look at her website, you will notice that even if Decker is scantily clad in all of her photos, there is not a single vulgar picture on her website.

What makes Leanna Decker so Special

Leanna Decker was born on August 31, 1991 in Ashland, Kentucky, USA. Though not much is known about her family or personal life, a few things about the green-eyed model have always attracted huge attention. Leanna is very passionate about animals, especially Pandas. She once told the globalanimalwelfare.org that she would sell all her ornaments to save the Giant Panda Bears in the world. She wants to be a full-blown vegan, and is on her way to quit non-vegetarian food, by dropping one meat at a time. Besides her love for animals, Leanna loves travelling to exotic locations and loves to spend time with her family members.

Behind the Curtains