Lannan Eacott

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Lannan Eacott is an Australian YouTube gamer

Dec 14, 1994

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Personal Details

  • Birthday: December 14, 1994
  • Nationality: Australian
  • Famous: Youtube Gamer, Instagram Stars, YouTubers, Gamers
  • Nick names: LazarBeam
  • Siblings: Callan, Jarrad, Tannar
  • Universities:
    • TAFE NSW
  • Birth Place: Central Coast

Lannan Eacott born at

Central Coast

Birth Place

Lannan Eacott was born on December 14, 1994 in Central Coast, Australia. His family owns a construction business. He has two brothers named Jarrad and Callan, and a younger sister named Tannar. His older brother Jarrad played professional baseball for the Minnesota Twins till he got injured. Lannan once mentioned that as a 10-year-old, he used to wish that his brother makes it to the major league so that he could sell his signed T-shirts on eBay. His sister Tannar is a photographer, but following in her brother's footsteps, she began her YouTube journey on August 8, 2017 with the video titled 'LazarBeams Sister Becomes A Vlogger'. She revealed in her second vlog that Lannan was a student at TAFE NSW by showing his ID card. He dropped out of high school in the 10th grade. He is a fan of Tom Brady and supports New England Patriots.

Personal Life

Lannan Eacott began his career by joining his family construction business, but he never liked his job. He was always interested in playing games and making videos, and watching other YouTubers of the time, he realized that he might be able to carve a niche for himself if he puts enough work into it. He created his YouTube channel 'LazarBeam' on January 4, 2015, and uploaded his first video, 'Can Vince Wilfork get a 99 yard Receiving Touchdown? - Madden NFL Challenge', on February 15, 2015. Without putting much thought into it, he decided to call himself 'LazarBeam' on YouTube because it was an old game character that he had when he played 'Runescape'.

Rise to Stardom

While he initially posted challenge videos on the game 'Madden NFL 16', he soon began posting videos on 'The Sims 4' and 'GTA 5'. He reached 1k subscribers by May 2015, and in less than two months, he crossed the 50k subscribers milestone, following which he uploaded a face reveal video on July 1st. On 16th that month, he uploaded a lengthy Q&A video to answer the multitudes of questions he had been getting from fans and revealed that he had decided to make YouTube his fulltime job. The next month, he announced that he and his sister, who was a photographer, were moving to a new office with faster internet connection and would be able to live-stream finally. In the following months, he continued to post regular videos on a variety of games, and also uploaded vlog and videos celebrating new milestones. He finally reached 1 million subscribers on June 20, 2017, and currently has 5.2 million subscribers to his channel.

Rise to Stardom

Lannan Eacott, who feels that getting the initial foothold on YouTube is the most difficult job, credits his unique way of playing games for his sudden rise to fame. Considering that the most popular games already had YouTube coverage with people creating similar types of content to cater to fans, he decided to put himself out on the internet as a person without holding anything back or censoring himself in an attempt to counter unnatural and boring scripted content.

What Makes Lannan Eacott Special

He also carefully selected games with large community but stagnant content, like 'Madden NFL 16', with which he began his YouTube journey. During his first year on YouTube, he began posting videos on various challenges from within the 'Madden' game in his own unique style, which he would spend hours to complete even though no one had asked for those or even considered such challenges. While he had never anticipated it, an overwhelming number of viewers become attracted to his new type of content and helped his channel grow steadily. Also, he regularly interacted with his fans and urged them to post feedback on his content, which made him more accessible than most YouTubers.

What Makes Lannan Eacott Special