Lance Stewart

@Youtubers, Birthday and Childhood

Lance Stewart is a famous American Vine star and social media personality

Jun 20, 1996

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Personal Details

  • Birthday: June 20, 1996
  • Nationality: American
  • Famous: Youtubers, Viners, YouTubers, Vloggers
  • City/State: Pennsylvania, Philadelphia
  • Siblings: Sabrina Stewart (elder sister)
  • Birth Place: Philadelphia, Pennsylvania
  • Height: 170cm

Lance Stewart born at

Philadelphia, Pennsylvania

Birth Place

Lance’s engagement with videos began when he started shooting short videos for himself as a hobby. He went on to form his own YouTube channel on 6 February 2014 and within four months it received 30K subscribers. One of the vlogger’s biggest hits on Vine is the video named ‘It’s My Money and I Need It Now’, which attracted over 900K likes and 800K revines. Together with Vine star Marcus Johns, Lance made the video ‘I’m a Wizard’. Most of Lance’s earnings come from advertisements and endorsements on his YouTube videos. The Viner has 6 million followers on Vine, over 1.7 m subscribers on YouTube and 700K subscribers on the secondary YouTube channel Lance 210 along with 3 million followers on Instagram.

The Meteoric Rise to Stardom

Lance is a fun-loving person and that is what shows in his work. Friends of Lance are of the opinion that he is good natured and helps everyone. The comedian cares a lot about his parents who fulfilled all his wishes despite having limited resources. Lance has won a lot of praise not just for his work but also for his charitable actions. He once ordered 100 takeaway burgers from McDonald’s to be distributed to homeless people on the roads of California. The social media star also left food for those who were sleeping on the streets and went ahead to buy more burgers for those who had been left out. This act of kindness definitely turns Lance into a Good Samaritan and makes him a cut above the rest.

What Makes Lance Stewart So Special

Lance’s video ‘My Girlfriend Shows Her Nipples on Camera’ got more than 5 million views and became the most watched video on his channel, though the video had nothing objectionable. Another video wherein Lance gifts a Corvette Z06 to his father also received a good response from the people as it garnered 3.4 million views and more than 80K likes. Not many would know that the YouTube personality makes additional income by selling T-shirts. One of the comic acts of the vlogger went wrong when he cut his little finger while attempting a ‘fruit ninja’ sword stunt. In the video he is seen trying to slice some fruits with swords in both hands but loses balance, cuts his finger, and falls to the ground a while later.

Beyond Fame