Lamar Johnson

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Lamar Johnson is a supremely talented Canadian dancer and performer

Jul 18, 1994

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Personal Details

  • Birthday: July 18, 1994
  • Nationality: Canadian
  • Famous: Dancers
  • Nick names: Flipz
  • Birth Place: Toronto, Canada
  • Height: 170cm
  • Gender: Male

Lamar Johnson born at

Toronto, Canada

Birth Place

Lamar Johnson was born on 18 July 1994 in Toronto, Canada. He has excelled in his career as an actor, dancer, choreographer, director, and editor within a very short span of time. He has taken the social media by storm with his ever-growing popularity on Twitter and Instagram, where his fans follow him ardently. He has over 13k followers on Twitter and he likes to share inspirational tweets to motivate his fans and followers. His favorite musicians include Drake and Kanye West and he is a great fan of basketball. Being a Cancerian, Lamar is emotional, passionate, sympathetic, easygoing, and very loyal. Though he seldom finds time for reading due to his busy schedule, his favorite novels are ‘The Hunger Games’ series. He also loves gorging on poutine, a Canadian dish that is made with French fries and cheese curds, coated with a light brown gravy.

Personal Life

On the personal front, Lamar leads a low-key life although he is an acclaimed star of international fame. There is no information regarding his personal relationships as he is no attention seeker and wishes to keep certain aspects of his life strictly private. Still, there were rumors about him harboring feelings for Emily, a co-star, while shooting for ‘The Next Step’.

Personal Life

Lamar Johnson was introduced to the entertainment industry with the film ‘Honey’ when he was just nine years old and he played the part of Little Man in the film pretty well. Being a member of the film arena from a young age, he has developed the confidence and attitude required for surviving in this field. He has aced the art of dancing on his own, which shows just how brilliant and creative he is. He has also starred in films like ‘Parkdale’, ‘Home Again’, ‘Liar’ and ‘Full Out’ which made the audience sit up and take notice of this rather dynamic dancer. Besides acting in films, Lamar has appeared in television shows, such as ‘The Maury Show,’ ‘America’s Most Talented Kid Dancers,’ and BET’s ‘106 & Park,’ where he enthralled the viewers with his signature back flipping moves. However, his fiercely independent spirit and zestful attitude in ‘The Next Step’—a Canadian teen drama series that is based on the activities of teenagers attending the much raved about The Next Step Dance Studio—paved his way to such heights of success that is seldom achieved by someone so young. The dramatic mockumentary series is produced by Temple Street Productions.


Lamar also charmed his American fans when he performed in the television show ‘Showtime at the Apollo’ in New York and he considers it as the proudest moment of his career. He has starred in television shows like ‘The Firm’, ‘Rookie Blue’, ‘Covert Affairs’, and ‘Degrassi: The Next Generation,’ and has contributed to feature films like ‘Home Again’, ‘Parkdale’ and ‘Liar’. Moreover, he directed and edited a Season 4 episode of ‘The Next Step’ and played the character Twist in the film ‘Full Out’ in 2015. He even contributed as a co-choreographer in ‘The Next Step’s ‘Rewind’ (a special Halloween video) where he dressed up as an alien. Lamar Johnson believes in intense hard work and is dedicated to continually improve his skills.