Ken Walker

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Ken Walker is a YouTuber from the USA known for his entertaining vlogs

Aug 12, 1994

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Personal Details

  • Birthday: August 12, 1994
  • Nationality: American
  • Famous: Youtubers, YouTubers, Vloggers
  • City/State: Georgia
  • Siblings: Chris
  • Birth Place: Georgia
  • Gender: Male

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Birth Place

Ken Walker was born on August 12, 1994 in Georgia, the USA. He has a twin brother whose name is Chris. He and De'arra Taylor met at a Chipotle in the year 2014. Since then, the couple has been in a relationship. Taylor has a sister, Zaria Mosley, who is also a well-known social media personality.

Personal Life

Ken Walker started a collaborative channel along with his girlfriend De'arra on December 11, 2014. The first video on this channel titled ‘De'arra & Ken 4 Life’ was ‘Bean Boozled Challenge,’ which was followed by a tag video called ‘Chubby Bunny/BF-GF Tag’. After this, more videos related to challenges, tags, pranks, story times, relationships, etc. were posted by Walker and his partner. Their YouTube journey continued, and within a span of four years, the couple gained millions of subscribers.

Rise to Stardom

Some of the most popular videos on De'arra & Ken 4 Life’ are ‘I Broke Up With De'arra (prank!!!)’ and ‘Crazy Black Fire Snake Experiment’. The first video, having over 23 million views, is a prank video in which Walker pranks his sweetheart by announcing that he is breaking up with her. The second one, with over 8 million views, is a fun and crazy experiment based video. Talking about Walker’s second collaborative channel, this one, titled ‘Vlogs By DK4L,’ is a vlogging channel. It features a number of vlogs that allow the couple’s fans some glimpses into their daily lives. All of the videos on this channel are a must-watch for true Walker-Taylor fans!

Rise to Stardom

Coming to the popularity of the channels, both the couple’s channels have millions of followers. While their channel De'arra & Ken 4 Life has crossed 4.8 million subscribers, Vlogs By DK4L has earned more than 1.8 million subscribers and over 143 million views as of August 2018.

Rise to Stardom