Joanna Gaines

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Joanna Gaines is an American reality television personality

Apr 19, 1978

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Personal Details

  • Birthday: April 19, 1978
  • Nationality: American
  • Famous: Reality Tv Personalities, Reality Tv Personality, Film & Theater Personalities, Reality TV Personalities
  • City/State: Kansas
  • Spouses: Chip Gaines
  • Universities:
    • Baylor University
  • Birth Place: Kansas

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Birth Place

Joanna Gaines was born on April 19, 1978 in Kansas. Her father owned an automobile business. Raised in Texas, Gaines attended Baylor University and earned a degree in communication. She met her now-husband Chip in her father’s automobile shop after Chip’s car suffered a failure. The couple fell in love and got in a relationship. Later on, Gaines and Chip got married in 2003. Today, they have four children; two daughters: Ella and Emmie, and two sons: Drake and Duke.

Personal Life

Joanna Gaines started earning through a boutique that she opened in 2003. She and her husband Chip then opened Magnolia Market, marking the first step of her business career. As this business prospered, the couple opened a new construction business named Magnolia Homes. This business earned immense success and fame and as a result of this, Joanna and Chip were offered the show ‘Fixer Upper’ by HGTV. It is said that executives at the channel spotted the photographs of a house that had been renovated by the couple, and impressed by their work, they offered them the show.


This show has become one of the biggest reality shows of recent times. Coming to their clientele, both common people and celebrities alike come to Joanna and Chip and ask them to remodel and fix their houses. Joanna makes use of her unique construction skills and techniques and converts each house into a masterpiece. It’s her talent and hard work that has made the show earn tremendous success within just one year of its premiere!


In May 2017, both Gaines and her husband Chip were charged with a fraud lawsuit which kindled a controversy regarding their credibility. It also came in the news that the couple is leaving the show ‘Fixer Upper’.

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