Jaxson Anderson

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Jaxson Anderson is an American musical.ly star

May 12, 2002

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Personal Details

  • Birthday: May 12, 2002
  • Nationality: Angolan
  • Famous: Musical.ly Stars, Social Media Stars, TikTok Stars
  • City/State: Florida
  • Birth Place: St. Petersburg, Florida
  • Gender: Male
  • Sun Sign: Taurus

Jaxson Anderson born at

St. Petersburg, Florida

Birth Place

Jaxson Anderson was born on May 12, 2002, in St. Petersburg, Florida. He grew up with his sister who is an air-force aspirant.

Personal Life

Jaxson’s favorite color is blue. He is a huge fan of video games. The popular game 'KingHunt' is one of his favorites. Jaxson also loves to play 'Big Win Hockey' and is fond of ‘redBit games.’ Jaxson is also an ardent traveler. He wishes to travel to Bora Bora someday. Jaxson is terrified of injections. He once posted a vlog that showed him sharing his experiences of taking a shot.

Personal Life

Jaxson casually ventured into the social-media arena with the video-sharing platform 'musical.ly,' where he posts lip-sync performances and other entertaining content. His videos gained momentum quickly. Soon, Jaxson’s 'musical.ly' account garnered more than 340 thousand fans. His entertaining 'musical.ly' videos have received over 5 million “hearts” and have made him a star "muser."

Social Media Fame

Jaxson is also very active on his 'Instagram' page, where his selfies have brought him over 182 thousand followers. He is also on 'Twitter' but has only a little over 31 thousand followers on the platform.

Social Media Fame

Jaxson’s next stop was 'YouTube.' He created a self-titled channel to post vlogs, challenge, and prank videos on the site. He took up the 'Bean Boozle Challenge' along with his friends. He also created a 'Best Friend Tag' video with his friend Preston. The channel is yet to be as popular as his other ventures and has only around five thousand subscribers. Jaxson was invited to attend the '2016 Impact Meet & Greet' tour. He was received by a swarm of fans there. Jaxson was even crowd-surfed there, which displayed the kind of stardom he enjoys. A number of established social-media personalities, such as Josh Levi, Zach Herron, and Simon Britton, were part of the event.

Social Media Fame

Jaxson owns a line of merchandize, which he trades on his website. He live-streams on ‘YouNow,’ where he has accumulated around 38 thousand fans.

Social Media Fame