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Dec 27, 1988

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Personal Details

  • Birthday: December 27, 1988
  • Nationality: American
  • Famous: Singers, Pop Singers
  • City/State: Mississippi
  • Nick names: Hayley Nichole Williams
  • Spouses: Chad Gilbert
  • Birth Place: Meridian

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Birth Place

Hayley Williams has been turning heads for her eccentric hair colors and insane vocal range for a long time now, but her journey to finding this stage has been a long, painstaking one. Williams’s started off by trying out in different local bands whilst still in school where she met her former bandmates Josh and Zac Farro. And things soon started to take shape when the then 14-year-old Hayley was discovered and introduced to ‘Atlantic Records’ who wanted to kick start her career as a solo artist. But since it was her big dream to be part of a pop punk band, Hayley decided to decline the offer and went on to form her very own band, Paramore. A band that is now one of the biggest when it comes to the alternative and punk rock genre, no doubt Paramore’s success has thrown Hayley into an all-time fame! Hayley’s concerts and tours are attended by no less than a hundred thousand in attendance; established musicians like John Mayer call themselves her biggest fans. This vibrant singer and her eccentric, fun band has even made it to the #1 spot on the ‘Billboards’ and has even bagged a ‘Grammy’s’ for the Best Rock Song category. Paramore’s song ‘Decode’ was also picked to be the lead single for the movie ‘Twilight’ which later went on feature in author Stephanie Meyer’s website. With all this success as a pop/rock artist, it was of no shock that Miss Williams won the APMA for Best Vocalist in the year 2015.

The Meteoric Rise To Stardom

Hayley has been the center of all praise and laud even from the biggest musicians of this time. Since her band is a girl-fronted one, many took to criticize the type of music comparing it with other artists and calling it spunky. But Hayley gracefully retaliated by saying that she makes music just so that people can truly enjoy it, and it not for mere gender or sexual appeasement. This goes to show just how committed Miss Williams is when it comes to this career that she won’t let anything and anybody bring her down!

What Makes Hayley Williams So Special

This orange-haired lead vocalist had been in a long time relationship with her bandmate and guitarist Josh Farro, but after the two called it quits, she found love again after meeting Chad Gilbert. Hayley and the ‘New Found Glory’ guitarist Chad got engaged in the year 2014, and decided on forever by tying the knot in the year 2016. Her ‘Twitter’ account was once hacked, and a topless photo was uploaded.

Beyond Fame