Hannah Polites

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Hannah Polites is a popular Australian social-media star, fitness enthusiast, fashion icon, and entrepreneur.

Feb 27, 1997

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Personal Details

  • Birthday: February 27, 1997
  • Nationality: Australian
  • Famous: Fitness Enthusiast, Vloggers, Social Media Stars, YouTubers, Vloggers, Fitness YouTubers
  • Spouses: Garth
  • Childrens: Evaliah Grace
  • Birth Place: Melbourne
  • Height: 163cm

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Birth Place

Hannah Polites likes to travel a lot with Garth. They have toured across the globe and have explored places such as Africa, Asia, Europe, and the US. Hannah likes to follow her fitness regimen and stays cautious of what she eats, even when she travels. Back home, in Australia, Hannah follows a strict organic diet. She also makes sure to get her hands on local produce and always shops from local markets.

Personal Life

Hannah Polites was born on February 27, 1997, in Melbourne, Australia. She is of Greek and English descent. When Hannah was 11 years old, she moved to Gold Coast, Queensland, along with her family. There, she attended the reputed ‘Saint Stephen's College’ (SSC) and later went to ‘Griffith University.’ After completing her education, Hannah started working as a midwife. She has even volunteered to work as a midwife in places such as Laos in Southeast Asia. In 2012, Hannah created her ‘Instagram’ account to post her daily vlogs. This move proved to be beneficial for Hannah, and she quickly became popular on ‘Instagram,’ owing to her fitness-related posts. Her followers on ‘Instagram’ were inspired by her lifestyle, which led to her becoming quite popular on the internet. Social media changed her life forever, as she soon earned more than a million followers on her ‘Instagram’ account.

Early Life & Career

Her popularity increased when she started posting photos of her baby bump. Hannah also recommended various exercises for pregnant women. These videos were absolutely loved by her fans, and she was praised for her dedication and hard work. Hannah also posted fashion-related content on her social-media platforms. In fact, she was hailed as one of the leading fashion icons on a breakfast TV show called ‘Sunrise.’ She then created her own website. The website primarily features her blogs and lifestyle related-content. She has a fashion line named after her daughter, Evaliah Grace. Her online fashion store sells apparels, including trendy swimwear.

Early Life & Career

Hannah Polites fell in love with Garth Small the moment she saw him. They met in a hospital, where Hannah worked as a midwife. According to Hannah, Garth is a real gentleman. They started dating soon. Their daughter, Evaliah, was born in August 2016. After the birth of her daughter, Hannah began posting content related to motherhood. This had a huge impact on her social-media career, as she lost many of her male followers. However, she became hugely popular with women.

Marriage & Motherhood

Although Hannah Polites became extremely popular on social media after flaunting her baby bump, she was also criticized by people who thought she was too thin during her pregnancy. Since Hannah’s fitness regimen was well-documented even before she got pregnant, many were convinced that she had put her unborn baby at risk by following a strict diet. After Evaliah was born, Hannah posted a photo on ‘Instagram,’ in which she was seen clicking a selfie while holding her baby. This particular photo was criticized by many of her followers, as people thought Hannah was being careless while holding her two-and-a-half-week old daughter. Hannah responded to the criticism by saying that she knew how to hold her baby carefully and that she took good care of her. She also said that people can bond with their children without losing their own identity.