Hailey Orona

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Hailey Orona is a young American social media star

Dec 24, 2002

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Personal Details

  • Birthday: December 24, 2002
  • Nationality: American
  • Famous: Instagrammer, Tiktok Star, Youtubers, Instagram Stars, TikTok Stars, Vloggers
  • City/State: California
  • Boy Friends: Brandon Westenberg
  • Universities:
    • High School (currently homeschooled)
  • Birth Place: Upland, California

Hailey Orona born at

Upland, California

Birth Place

Hailey Orona was born on December 24, 2002 in Upland, California, where she grew up with her brothers and her sisters. She has six siblings including an adopted one. She is of Mexican descent. Her father, who was a semi-professional soccer player, quit sports to raise her after she was born. She has been dancing since she was three years old and regularly takes dance classes. She is also a soccer fan and has been playing soccer since the age of five. She has a third cousin named Hope who is near her age and attends the same school. She often makes appearances on Hailey's Instagram pictures and YouTube videos. She also has a nephew who sometimes makes appearance on her Instagram. She currently lives in Los Angeles to effectively pursue her YouTube career. She is being homeschooled for the past few months. She intends to become an entrepreneur and either open a dance studio or launch a makeup brand after she grows up.

Personal Life

Hailey Orona initially began her social media journey by creating her TikTok account by the name '@Hailo' when she was in the seventh grade. In 2015, she created her Instagram profile with the handle '@yt.ona'. However, she started to attract fans in mid-2017 thanks to her success as a muser for sharing lip sync videos and dancing vignettes on TikTok. She also posted challenge videos on TikTok, including one attempt at the 'Invisible Box Challenge' once. She had reached over 300k followers on Instagram by October 2017, but discarded the 'yt.ona' account for unknown reasons and created a new Instagram profile by the name 'lil.ona' which quickly gained over 460k followers within a couple months.

Rise to Stardom

Riding on her Instagram and TikTok success, she opened her eponymous YouTube channel on October 2, 2017 and uploaded her first video, a vlog post, on 15 October 2017. The vlog was a heavily edited video with clips showing what she did throughout the day. On December 17, 2017, she posted a video on her YouTube channel to let fans know that her 'lil.ona' Instagram profile was hacked and that she had moved to a new profile by the handle @Real.Ona. The new profile grew quickly and at one point gained over 200k followers in two weeks. She reached one million followers on Instagram by May 2018 and posted a Q&A video on her YouTube channel to celebrate the milestone. She subsequently interacted with fans during a 'meet and greet' in San Jose. She now has over 2.2 million followers on Instagram and 422k subscribers on YouTube.

Rise to Stardom

For a while, Hailey Orona's Instagram account featured pictures and videos with fellow muser and Instagram star Brandon Westenberg, who is of Dutch and Indonesian descent. While he was in a relationship with dancer Jordyn Jones since 2016, it ended by mid-2018 when Hailey and Brandon confirmed their relationship during the summer that year. He is also from California and played soccer for Silverado High School. Since making their affair official, the couple has not shied away from displaying affection on social media. Recently on September 20, 2018, she posted a 'Boyfriend Tag' video on her YouTube channel in which he had to correctly guess the answers to her questions. Unfortunately, several of her fans found their interactions with each other awkward and commented how she behaves differently while around him.