George Miller (Filthy Frank)

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George Miller (Filthy Frank) is a Japanese-Australian YouTube personality, humorist, and Vlogger

Sep 18, 1992

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Personal Details

  • Birthday: September 18, 1992
  • Nationality: Japanese
  • Famous: Humorist, Youtube Personality, Social Media Stars, YouTubers, Vloggers, Comedy YouTubers
  • Nick names: Filthy Frank
  • Known as: Joji
  • Birth Place: Osaka
  • Height: 170cm

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Birth Place

The fame of Filthy Frank started to boom when he launched his popular YouTube channel called ‘TVFilthyFrank’. With his new channel, Filthy Frank selected an alternate route to create his brand image. His new videos were based on himself and other imaginary creatures living in his house. Filthy Frank was the central character of these videos which hunts down the ghosts living in his house. With the tremendous success enjoyed by his content, Filthy Frank has proved that any person with innovative ideas and snazzy content can quickly get popular and gain a large fan following on the internet. In view of the growing popularity of his channel, Filthy Frank started to position himself in a very unique manner. He likes to call himself as being anti-social, anti-pc, and anti-couth. Filthy Frank started his own website in order to properly showcase his content.

The Meteoric Rise to Stardom

In the year 2014 he created a sub-channel for content that is too much offensive for his regular followers. The sub channel is called TooDamnFilthy and contains some of the worst content available on the internet. To his own surprise and that of his fans, the content posted on this sub channel too got very popular.

The Meteoric Rise to Stardom

Filthy Frank made a mark on his fans by cleverly differentiating himself from similar artistes. He tries to be as realistic as possible in his videos. Rather than recording his bizarre videos behind the closed doors, he liked to perform in public places. He never shows any inhibition in doing bizarre things in his videos. In some videos posted on his website, he is shown to be crawling on the streets and floors of restaurants. These acts make his videos very appealing to his fans. However, the most important reason that makes Filthy Frank so special is that he criticizes all kinds of evils in the society. Despite being vulgar, Filthy Frank’s content tries hard to highlight the stupidity of racism, injustice to women, and misogyny.

What Makes Filthy Frank So Special

Due to getting famous by posting bizarre videos on his personal YouTube Channel, Filthy Frank has courted controversies due to a number of reasons. Some critics point out that some of his videos cross the boundaries. In the year 2014, Filthy Frank uploaded a video called DizastaMusic. The video immediately courted controversy as one media company complained that it violated copyright due to the music used for it. Moreover, in the video Filthy Frank broke the character and revealed to the viewers that he had a major brain condition that periodically gives him seizures. Due to this condition, he argued that he needs to frequently slow down while performing in the shows. After the video was published, his fans and critics alleged that Filthy Frank was using his personal issues like ill health to gain more publicity. The video was later removed from his channel. Moreover, each and every video of his posted on YouTube ends with the phrase, ‘Let us get some pussy tonight’. Critics opine that he can do away with such vulgar sounding phrases.

Beyond Fame