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Jun 5, 1997

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Personal Details

  • Birthday: June 5, 1997
  • Nationality: American
  • Famous: Youtube Star, Social Media Stars, YouTubers, Vloggers
  • City/State: Arizona
  • Siblings: Milan, Paris, Sydney, Vienna
  • Known as: Alexander Hamilton Pinkevich
  • Birth Place: Phoenix, Arizona

FaZe Adapt born at

Phoenix, Arizona

Birth Place

FaZe Adapt, who was not very good at making friends when he was young, turned to basketball and video games to get away from his dull school life. Around the time he was in the 8th grade, he got the game Modern Warfare 2 and was instantly hooked to it. He soon joined the famous team of gamers named SoaRGaming with the gamer tag "SoaR Adapt." In 2011, he created his YouTube channel to share with others his trick-shot secrets. He managed to gain 1000 subscribers in a short period of time, which was his first big achievement. He soon met FaZe Banks who would eventually initiate him into the FaZe Clan. Top gamers on YouTube started to notice him as his subscriber count rose steadily. Around the time he reached 80k subscribers, he got invited by FaZe Apex to join the FaZe Clan. Alex readily accepted the offer, and within two days, he reached 100k subscribers. From there, his YouTube channel blew up and he started to gain around 100k subscribers every month.

The Meteoric Rise To Stardom

It is probably his perseverance that makes Faze Adapt so special. In an interview to a local TV channel, his father stated that Alex had always been very persistent. Alex, who was a socially awkward kid with no friends, used to play basketball in the backyard of his house. During his freshman year, getting into the school basketball team was his primary aim. However, when he was cut off from the school team, he started practicing even harder to make it to the team the next year. Unfortunately, all his efforts were in vain as he was once again cut off from the team very early. Even though this incident broke his spirits so much that he eventually put basketball aside, he took up his other interest of playing video games more seriously. A passionate fan of FaZe Clan since 8th grade, Alex was determined to be good enough as a player to get a place in the group. He started to play more consistently and perfected his trick-shot skills. His perseverance paid off eventually. After being cast out throughout his entire childhood for being socially awkward, Alex eventually made it to the top ranking gaming group on the internet and has now become an inspiration to a huge number of young gamers. His channel has grown so big that he even decided to skip college to focus fulltime on his YouTube career.

What Makes Faze Adapt So Special

FaZe Adapt, a stuttering albino kid, had been subjected to severe bullying all throughout his school days. Even though he faced bullying in middle school, it only got worse when he entered high school. According to him, the weight training class he had to take during his freshman year at high school was the worst experience for him. His small stature made him the target of all the bullies in his class who would literally toss him like a ragdoll. However, during his junior year at school, he made friends with Moe, who eventually became his best friend and from there his life took a turn for the good.

Beyond Fame