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Feb 1, 2000

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Personal Details

  • Birthday: February 1, 2000
  • Nationality: American
  • Famous: Musical.ly Stars, Social Media Stars, TikTok Stars, Teens and Kids
  • City/State: Minnesota
  • Siblings: Jacob, Justin
  • Known as: Dustin ‘Danny’ James Blake
  • Birth Place: Minnesota

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Birth Place

Danny Blake was born on February 1, 2000 in the state of Minnesota, USA. Beside Justin, he also have an older brother, Jacob. He is dating a boy named Alex who has appeared in his YouTube and Musical.ly videos. Unlike Justin who loves country music, it seems Danny is into pop, to which he lip-syncs in most of his Musical.ly videos.

Personal Life

It began for Danny like it begins for almost everyone else, in obscurity. He was like any other regular pre-teen attending school, worried about grades and homework. He started posting content on Musical.ly as a part of ‘Blake Boys’ group alongside his twin, Justin, and their friend, Damon. The three of them shot into fame with their respective Musical.ly accounts. Danny has more than 460K followers on the app. Over 177K people follow him on Instagram, and he has more than 13K followers on Twitter as well. His YouTube channel is also quite active, with over 690K views and 47K subscribers. His fans are known as ‘paperclips’. Danny is an avid cosplayer. He regularly posts photographs of himself cosplaying as Link from ‘Legend of Zelda’, or Chat Noir from ‘Miraculous: Tales of Ladybug & Cat Noir’, or as Harry Potter. As a part of the ‘Blake Boys,’ he posts skits, challenges, and Q&As.

The Meteoric Rise to Stardom

The level of self-awareness Danny has as a teenager is something even older adults struggle to achieve. As Danny clarifies in the first video he ever posted on YouTube in November 2015, “To be happy you have to love yourself... I am a confident person. I am not afraid to admit that. I am not egotistical. I am not conceited. I am confident.” According to him, his confidence does not come from internet fame, but from his willingness to love himself. He also implores his audience not to make other people happy at the expense of their own happiness.

What Makes Danny Blake So Special

He, once posted a series of three videos called ‘Positive Posts’ (named ‘Self-Acceptance’, ‘Anxiety,’ and ‘Dysphoria’). In ‘Self-Acceptance,’ he explained the significance of whole-heartedly accepting oneself the way they are. In ‘Anxiety’, Danny delves into his personal life, giving an earnest account of his own experience with anxiety. He reads, writes, cosplay, and creates content to deal with his anxiety. In ‘Dysphoria’, the theme continues with Danny talking about the dissatisfaction of someone who considers himself more as a boy being trapped in a girl’s body. He is planning to start oestrogen-blocking treatment soon. Sharing such personal experiences online and giving a candid account of his own struggles helps his viewers connect with him on a personal level.

What Makes Danny Blake So Special