Chloe Ferry

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Chloe Ferry is a British reality TV star amd social media personality

Aug 31, 1995

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Personal Details

  • Birthday: August 31, 1995
  • Nationality: British
  • Famous: Reality Tv Personalities, Reality Tv Star, Film & Theater Personalities, Reality TV Personalities
  • Nick names: Chloe November/Chloe Etherington
  • Universities:
    • Marden High School
  • Birth Place: Newcastle upon Tyne
  • Height: 164cm

Chloe Ferry born at

Newcastle upon Tyne

Birth Place

Not much is known about Chloe’s childhood and personal life. As a child, Chloe joined a dance school in the hopes of joining the glamour world later. Her plans changed as she grew up. In her teens, she took great interest in sports and gymnastics. Having spent her entire teenage competing in various sports, she emerged as a national skater with an athletic built. By the time she approached the crucial age of 18, she had surfaced as a skating genius but decided to ditch this field to start a full-fledged career in acting. Her job at the nightclub helped her develop a stylish, ultra-sexy persona. In time, she got her claws into Scotty T, who introduced her to reality TV. Thus, within a span of just three years, Chloe transformed from a ‘nobody’ to an unparalleled reality TV star.

The Meteoric Rise To Stardom

Ever since Chloe joined ‘Geordie Shore’s 10th Season, she has given her fellow cast members a run for their money. With around 2 million followers on various platforms, Chloe has built up a solid reputation in the virtual world. She quickly made a name for herself by constantly pushing the envelope of public decency. With semi-nude selfies, revealing outfits and bang-on girl-on-girl action, she joined the gang of wild girls. This girl is hot and bold! She doesn’t hesitate to reveal her ample cleavage and groin for no apparent reason. This is why she’s quite popular among younger population, especially hot, buffy men.

What Makes Chloe Ferry So Special

Criticism, public shaming and controversies, none of these seem to faze the young beauty. Clad in skimpy outfits, she walks with her head high without a care for the world. Her fans love this attitude!

What Makes Chloe Ferry So Special

Like other young celebrities, Chloe Ferry’s glitzy celebrity life is not untouched by scandals and rumors.She pulled up a shameless yet hilarious display with her girl pals Holly Hagan and Marnie Simpson on her 21st birthday. The girls left very little to imagination as they stumbled around in Newcastle, sloshed to the boot in their split dresses and towering high heels. Even in her drunkard state, Chloe managed to stage an impromptu photoshoot near the pavement railings outside.

Beyond Fame

Other time, she posed up a storm in a series of 31 raunchy photographs that she clicked for her Instagram profile. In these mind-boggling selfies, she showed off her derriere, posing at different angles. We don’t blame her for giving an eye candy to young eyes!

Beyond Fame