Blake Fielder-Civil

@Amy Winehouse’s Ex-husband, Timeline and Childhood

Blake Fielder-Civil is the ex-husband of late British singer Amy Winehouse

Apr 16, 1982

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Personal Details

  • Birthday: April 16, 1982
  • Nationality: British
  • Famous: Amy Winehouse’s Ex-husband, Miscellaneous, Family Members
  • Partners:
    • Sarah Aspin
  • Spouses: Amy Winehouse (m. 2007–2009)
  • Known as: Blakey
  • Childrens: Jack Fielder-Civil, Lola Jade Fielder-Civil

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Birth Place

Blake Fielder-Civil was born on April 16, 1982 in Northamptonshire, England to Lance Fielder and Georgette Civil. His parents divorced when he was a baby. His mother remarried later, but he was never close to his step-father, and the relationship worsened following the birth of the first of his two step-brothers. A child of ten, he reportedly began harming himself around that time. He attended Bourne Grammar School and was especially good in English, but dropped out without completing his graduation. In 2001, at the age of 17, he left his family home to move to London. According to him, his parents began visiting him there only after his then-partner Amy became famous.

Personal Life

Blake Fielder-Civil, who wrote poetry in his younger years, left school and came to London in 2001. He slept on friends' sofa and even on the streets for some time, during which he considered going back home, but decided not to as there was no place for him there. He eventually began working as a video production assistant. However, he reached celebrity status only after becoming romantically involved with Amy Winehouse. While he was too shy to take advantage of the perks that came with his relationship with her, he cherishes fond memories from that period, including an excellent conversation with Bruce Willis or exchanging text messages with David Schwimmer.

Rise to Stardom

Blake Fielder-Civil has been the center of numerous controversies over the years, including once assaulting a pub landlord for which he went to jail. However, most notably, he is held responsible for the death of his ex-partner Amy Winehouse by most of her fans and family members. In an interview with 'News of the World' in 2008, he had admitted to introducing her to "heroin, crack cocaine, and self-harming" after he took heroin in front of her in January 2007. However, he later said that long before they met, she already had other addictions. He actually thought he was saving her career by taking the blame for her substance abuse. Unfortunately, it has permanently scarred his life as he still fears to go into public because people often spit on him out of disgust.

Controversies & Scandals

Blake Fielder-Civil first met Amy Winehouse at a pub called 'The Good Mixer' in Camden in 2005. He was already in a relationship with someone at the time, but the two hit it off quickly. She introduced herself as a singer and took him to her flat, where she sang to him a cover of 'Round Midnight', describing which he later said that while he really fancied her, he fell in love with her after listening to her singing. She reportedly tattooed his name, 'Blake', on her neck within a month. She was not only over-zealous to mention him in interviews, but also once punched a female fan in the face for criticizing him. However, they often fought with each other, and once even broke off in 2006, during which period she became involved with chef-musician Alex Clare.


Interestingly, her 2006 album, 'Back to Black', is largely based on their early breakups, especially the way they tortured each other. They eventually married on May 18, 2007, in Miami Beach, Florida. The union was not received well by the parents of either of them. Amy's father, who later described him as "the biggest low-life scumbag that God ever put breath into", had thought that separating from him would save her from the destructive downward spiral. The two eventually succumbed to family pressure and divorced on August 28, 2009, following which she even claimed "Our whole marriage was based on drugs."


Blake Fielder-Civil later married his current partner Sarah Aspin, with whom he has two children, Lola Jade Fielder-Civil and Jack Fielder-Civil. He gave his daughter the middle name 'Jade' as a tribute to his ex-wife, Amy, who had the same middle name.