Ashley Nicole Roberts

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All about the US reality TV star and model, Ashley Nicole Roberts; her age, birthday, net worth, family life, boyfriends, and some fun facts.

Nov 23, 1989

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Personal Details

  • Birthday: November 23, 1989
  • Nationality: American
  • Famous: Reality Tv Personalities, Reality Tv Star, Models, Film & Theater Personalities, Reality TV Personalities
  • City/State: Nevada
  • Birth Place: Las Vegas, Nevada
  • Height: 172cm
  • Gender: Female

Ashley Nicole Roberts born at

Las Vegas, Nevada

Birth Place

Ashley was selected for WAGs Miami in 2016. She has been the center of attention several times in the past seven years of her relationship with Philip. However, she is also popular for modelling and other activities. Ashley became more popular after she stated that she’d like people to know that their lifestyle is more than just glitz and glamour.She also came into the limelight when she had a huge controversial fight with her long time best friend Darnell Nicole. Darnell was believed to be going through some trauma because of her relationship and this was the time when Ashley got engaged to Philip. This caused some controversy between the two which was later settled.Although initially hesitant about participating in the reality TV show as she was afraid it might impact her relationship with Philip, Ashley didn’t let her fears hold her back and became one of the most popular contenders on the show.

The Meteoric Rise to Stardom

Ashley has been in a relationship with Philip for the past seven years. Along with that, she also has his baby boy Deuce. However, she doesn’t compromise her professional life for her personal life and vice-versa. She is known to keep both her professional and personal lives different. She believes in maintaining a balance in life and tries to implement the same in her life. She is a confident person and claims to be a self-made woman. While giving an interview to the E! News, she mentioned that many young women like her don’t just sit at home, laid up, doing nothing;they areall busy women. Each of them strives to achieve their dreams and take care of their other halves, but, nevertheless they are their own people at the same time. She is a strong, focused young woman who believes in getting things done and envisions a career spanning different fields as she has a lot to offer. This confidence, the urge to keep fighting and not giving up, and maintaining her own dignity with honor is what makes Ashley so special.

What Makes Ashley So Special

Ashley had posted a picture of her breastfeeding her son on Instagram which was widely criticized for no reason. However, her boyfriend, Philip supported her in that, just like he supports her in every other thing including the WAGs Miami show. Despite her seven-year relationship, Ashley is still not married to Philip and she is proud about that. According to her she is a mother and performs all her motherly duties. Along with that she also keeps the house, doing all the household chores. She also completes all the wifely duties. That way she says she does everything that a wife does, and doesn’t believe that marriage is mandatory.

Beyond Fame