Alex Lange

@Instagram Model, Facts and Family

Alex Lange is a French-South African model, who is quite popular on Instagram

Mar 3, 2001

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Personal Details

  • Birthday: March 3, 2001
  • Nationality: South African
  • Famous: Instagram Model, Instagram Stars, Instagram Models, Social Media Stars
  • City/State: Paris
  • Siblings: Matthieu Lange (brother)
  • Known as: Alex
  • Birth Place: Paris

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Birth Place

Alex Lange gathered massive attention when he began uploading pictures on Instagram. Within a week people starting following him and he soon became the talk of the town. As a model, he is unabashedly good-looking and has a hugefemale fan following. Taking his fame from pictures to videos, he began his own channel on YouTube and since then regularly updates his channel every Sunday. His most viewed video is where he is blindfolded and applies makeup on his friend Alissa Violet, which ends up a total disaster! The video became very popular and is hilariously executed. Although most of his videos are typically funny or else stylish, he recently struck an emotional chord with his video on ‘How to be Happy’, where he prioritized happiness over all other virtues of life. He has also landed himself modeling assignments with Brandy USA and Subdued.

The Meteoric Rise to Stardom

Besides his striking features and boy next-door looks, Alex Lange has great talent in both modelling and acting. His videos are effortless; he acts himself, with no unnecessary façade. He gets along with his teammates extremely well, creating humorous videos. But primarily, in one of his videos he emphasizes on the fact that fame comes with hard work and consequences, and so has it been with him. His posts on Twitter indicate that he is highly appreciative of his family’s support and where life has taken him. He is the perfect example of a charming boy with a large heart. His views on life are intellectual and assertive, which contributeto his personality.

What Makes Alex So Special

Alex introduces himself as a regular teenage boy who loves sports, food and movies. He is usually seen hanging out with his friends and takes trips back home to meet his family. He loves playing online games, and has a dog that he considers his best friend and loves unconditionally. He often visits new restaurants as a hobby, and explores various cuisines. He is a regular school goer and is currently studying in high school. He believes that education is a vital necessity for all individuals to make informed decisions. He loves taking vacations with his girlfriend Bailee and travelling the world.

Beyond Fame