Adam Montoya

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Jun 12, 1984

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Personal Details

  • Birthday: June 12, 1984
  • Nationality: American
  • Famous: Video Game Commentator, Youtubers, Social Media Stars, YouTubers
  • City/State: California
  • Universities:
    • San Diego State University
  • Birth Place: San Diego, USA
  • Height: 180cm

Adam Montoya born at

San Diego, USA

Birth Place

Adam Montoya’s rise to fame wasn’t a planned one- it’s an outcome of a burst of inspiration that hit him while he was working in a regular job. Before even processing the thought of starting a YouTube channel, Adam worked as a host for the Respawn Team at It was during this phase that he came across early YouTubers who had nailed the art of gaming and commentary. Deciding to try his hand at the same, Adam created a channel named SeaNanners in the year 2009, and safe to say, it was a pretty good decision! After the channel gained initial hype for his ‘Call of Duty’ commentaries, he eventually switched gears to PC games and ‘Minecraft’ which now stands as the number one reason for his success. With tons of gaming video uploads that fetched him enough fame to make his channel popular among the gaming buffs, Adam quit from to focus on his new found career. Now a channel with over a whopping 5.7 million subscribers, SeaNanners has not only hosted some of the best gaming sessions, but has also seen unprecedented success with Adam’s incredible strategies and skills. With insane animations and gaming commentaries, his channel has been screaming of all things awesome, which reasonably states as to why his viewers are his loyal fans. Not just gaming and commentaries, Adam has taken things a notch higher and is now seen in a ‘YouTube Red’ series called ‘The Paranormal Action Squad.’ Needless to point out, this young man surely has aced all the right techniques to become one of the best gamer/YouTubers; just ask his 5.7 million fans who are obviously hooked on to every single video of his!

The Meteoric Rise To Stardom

Adam’s channel is glitzing with top-notch games that require high levels of expertise, but the one thing that makes it look effortless and fun is his sense of humor. His one-liners and comebacks certainly make the rather intense gaming sessions exhilarating and hilarious; no wonder his fans multiply at the speed of light!

What Makes Adam Montoya So Special

Adam Montoya met his current girlfriend, Cathy Diep, while still working at, where she worked with the marketing department. Even though their relationship was initially kept secretive, Cathy soon started appearing in many of his videos. Raising eyebrows, his fans concluded that they both were married but Adam confirmed that they are only dating. A gamer herself, Cathy also has a gaming YouTube channel called Catabot, where Adam is seen as a frequent guest.

Beyond Fame