Apart from dreaded epidemics such as AIDS and cancer, polio is another disease which has been plaguing the world since a really long time. Although the disease doesn’t have fatal consequences, it physically handicaps a person, preventing him/her from leading a normal life. The world has also witnessed many famous people who became victims of polio during their childhood. While a few overcame the disease at later stages of their lives, many others had to deal with problems caused by polio even in adulthood. Perhaps, many people still didn’t know that the former American president Franklin D. Roosevelt, and the legendary filmmaker Francis Ford Coppola are a few celebrities who had to deal with this challenge. Coppola, who is known for being the mastermind behind iconic movies such as ‘The Godfather’, is believed to be currently suffering from the disease, and is bed-ridden. However, a few others had to deal with problems like stuttering and limping, due to the impact caused by polio. Explore these biographies of famous people who had to deal with Polio. Go through this section to learn about their life stories, timelines, and interesting trivia & facts related to them.

List of famous people who have / had polio. The biographies of these famous people with motivate you to tackle all challenges in life.