We didn't see any more, the beavers are back in France

We didn't see any more, the beavers are back in France

Violet Field inPlanetJan 9, 2021 2 min read12 views

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Uncastor photographed in January 2021 in the United States in Tennessee - David Crigger / AP / SIPA

There were only a few dozen left in France. A century after conservation policies began, tens of thousands of beavers have repopulated French rivers . However, this was not won for this animal, essential to biodiversity , hunted for centuries because it was considered harmful, before being coveted by the same hunters for its castoreum .

Castoreum, quèsaco? "It is a substance that the beaver secretes to mark its territory, which is very fragrant and which was used in traditional pharmacology, in perfumery too", explains Yoann Bressan, project manager for small and medium semi-aquatic carnivores and beavers at L 'French biodiversity observatory, interviewed by our partner Brut .

Fortunately, in 1909, after more than three centuries of intensive hunting, and when there were only a few dozen individuals left in France, the animal became the first species of mammal to benefit from a protective measure. in France. “From there, the species was able to begin to recolonize its former territories,” says Yoann Bressan. And today there are several tens of thousands.