"Tout sur ma mer", the only one on the scene that pushes to act against waste

"Tout sur ma mer", the only one on the scene that pushes to act against waste

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After having collected waste all summer in the Mediterranean, Anaëlle Marot wants to transmit her positive energy

Anaëlle Marot presents in Marseille the only one on stage "Tout sur ma mer" - Yann Arthus-Bertrand
  • In the style of gesticulated conferences, Anaëlle Marot imagined the only one on stage "Tout su ma mer" that she wants to run in colleges, high schools, and businesses.
  • She recounts the adventure of this summer, where she traveled 1,000 km by bike and kayak to collect waste in the Mediterranean. Its goal: to raise awareness, again and again.

On the stage of the Théâtre de l'Oeuvre, in Marseille, she had the same feeling of taking the plunge. Except for this time, Anaëlle Marot was not with her kayak, nor even her kayak skirt as Yann Arthus-Bertrand was able to photograph her, but with her Indiana Jones hat. The explorer at heart has just presented to the public for the first time her only on stage “Tout Sur ma mer”, where she tells the story of this summer's journey as part of the Project Azur: 1,000 km by bike and by kayak in the Mediterranean to organize, through associations, collections which allowed 3.5 tonnes of waste to be taken out of the water and beaches.

With it, we see the birds full of plastic, the clogged marine mammals, "all the plastic soups" on the water. We share our galley when, the day before departure or almost, a sponsor lets go because of the Covid. There she is without a kayak. In a few hours, she finds another, competitive. It is much more technical for spending two months on the water, but also much more difficult to navigate for her who says she is "not particularly sporty". She must have learned to operate it in a matter of hours.

Anaëlle Marot on stage at the Théâtre de l'Oeuvre in Marseille - Frédéric Munsch

“It's not all screwed up! "

At 27, Anaëlle Marot plays her own role but is not satisfied with anecdotes. She also shares all the knowledge she has acquired, recalling in passing that "80% of the waste in the sea comes from the land". His idea remains, and always, to raise awareness on the subject without making them feel guilty. “I especially want to transmit positive energy. It's not true, all is not screwed up, there are so many solutions to recycle, to collect waste. We have to get moving, everyone can get started. This is in essence the message she wants to deliver to her audience.

“In the winter, I can't go with my kayak in colleges, high schools, and businesses,” she laughs. So, she imagined this format of the “gesticulated conference”, which she discovered while watching Franck Lepage, in particular, his “wooden language deciphered with humor”. “It's not like stand-up, with a way of speaking and laughter every thirty seconds, explains the director, Isabelle Sers, with whom she wrote and worked on stage alone. The principle is to start from a serious subject and to mix hot knowledge (real-life situations, anecdotes) and cold knowledge (facts, scientific data), against a backdrop of self-mockery and humor. In addition to being an adventurer, Anaëlle is a good actress. It really is a spectacle! "

Soon the Loire

“The hardest part is learning the text,” smiles Anaëlle, who takes obvious pleasure in sharing her adventure on stage. Dates are already planned for the Arles se livre (February 18) and Escales Voyeuses festivals in Avignon (March 27), where she currently lives. She hopes for others, also in schools and businesses. Before setting off again this summer for a new adventure: “This time I will go up and down the Loire, from Saint-Nazaire to Mont-Gerbier, still by bike and canoe and with the same idea of organizing pick-ups every Sunday with as many people as possible and local associations. This is what should nourish, why not, the continuation of "Tout Sur ma mer".