They are spreading their zero waste drives, online shopping that thrills

They are spreading their zero waste drives, online shopping that thrills

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The year 2021 has started and "20 Minutes" presents those who will animate it by their creativity, their performance or their kindness. In Toulouse, Salomé and Pi

Salomé and Pierre Géraud, the co-founders of Drive tout nu, the first zero-waste drive, will launch a franchise in 2021. - Laurent Cierco / LDTN
  • At the start of the year, 20 Minutes presents those who will make the news in 2021 thanks to their associative action, their sports performance, their entrepreneurial spirit, or their creativity.
  • A little over two years ago, Salomé and Pierre Géraud created the first unpacked drive in France.
  • This year, their start-up, which now employs 17 people and will have three own stores by February, will develop its franchise.
  • A way for young entrepreneurs to replicate their concept which hit the mark during confinement and corresponds to the ecological aspirations of the moment.

At the end of 2018, a new concept landed in the Toulouse metropolitan area: the “zero waste” drive. While large groups had occupied the field of orders placed online and collected on a dedicated site for years, a young couple decided to adapt it to a version without packaging. Two years later, the idea that germinated in the minds of Salomé and Pierre Géraud has gained ground.

In addition to their first “Drive tout nu” opened in Beauzelle, they opened last November a second in Balma last November, and a third will see the light of day in the Montaudran district next February. Packaged in jars or reusable fabric bags, their 1,700 references are the result of the work of 150 local producers, most of them located within 100 km of the Pink City and who deliver in bulk or zero waste.

And this is one of the criteria that pushed people to turn to them in the first days of confinement, last March. “Overnight, orders exploded. We had to be very responsive and manage a lot of new customers, ”recalls Salomé. And most stayed, attracted by the accessible and simple side of their drive without packaging. “Why do people go to supermarkets when there is a crisis of confidence, because it's easy, they want to consume well but not for it to be a hassle. And with us they tell us that it's easy, they come for zero waste but stay for the quality of the products, ”says the young woman.

Franchised stores

Today, the small company has 17 employees, "while we had planned to stay at three for two and a half years", continues Salomé who manages the partnerships and the development of the future franchise when her husband is in charge of finding producers and logistics.

In less than a year their first drive was balanced and their concept was taken up by others elsewhere. If the start-up “does not want to grow in order to grow”, it will take a new step this year. “There is room for everyone, it is complementary with the bulk stores. Large retailers have reacted a bit to it, even if they are less into innovation. It is not us, the little ones who are shaking up all the lines, but we are participating in it. And it also shows a real expectation of consumers, ”insists the co-founder of Drive tout nu, which will launch her own social franchise after having successfully raised funds this year.

By the end of 2022, four franchised stores should have opened elsewhere in France, and a fourth completely bare Drive in the Toulouse metropolitan area. A way to spread their conception of a more ecological, less polluted world… Because the best waste is indeed that which is not produced.