The "wolf of Valberg" would have been killed by poachers in the Drôme

The "wolf of Valberg" would have been killed by poachers in the Drôme

Violet Field inPlanetJan 26, 2021 2 min read3 views

The wolf was released in the summer of 2020 after having been under observation for a year by the French Office for Biodiversity

Nature protection associations suspect poachers of having killed the " wolf of Valberg", the name given to the animal in reference to the village of the Alpes-Maritimes where it was seen for the first time in autumn 2019.

At the time, the wolf cub had been isolated and placed under observation by agents from the French Biodiversity Office ( OFB ). A year later, he was released into the wild equipped with a GPS tag so he could locate him.

The associations demand more light on this story

On January 22, the radio collar was found in Plan-de-Baix, in the south of Vercors, deposited anonymously by a former shepherd, sympathizer of several associations, communicated this Monday France Nature Environnement ( FNE ). The organization had already reported on December 7 to the OFB that the animal was probably dead, according to anonymous sources. The Departmental Federation of Hunters (FDC 26) relayed the presence of the wolf with photos at the beginning of November.

"The fact that the collar has been neutralized so as not to emit any more, that it has been detached from the animal's neck and that it has been placed in a specific location, reflecting a clear desire to inform the protection associations of nature, eliminates the scenario of the fortuitous discovery of the wolf accidentally killed by a vehicle, ”considers FNE. The federation calls for more light on this story.

The Ministry of Ecological Transition indicated that an expert was underway on the collar "to see what can be learned from it".