The Landes affected by major floods

The Landes affected by major floods

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The return to dry weather this weekend will improve the situation

In Mont-de-Marsan, Landes, where significant floods were noted on 01/01/2021. - AFP

The recession is insight in the Landes department which began the year on Friday with its feet in the water with "very significant" floods from the Adour and Midouze, especially in Mont-de-Marsan with a height of record water for 40 years.

These floods are due to "an accumulation of heavy precipitation (corresponding to the passage of the storm Bella) which, combined with soils saturated with water due to the rainfall of the previous weeks, lead to significant overflows of rivers, in particular of Midouze and Adour which have reached historical levels in some places, ”the prefecture explained in a statement. The return to dry weather this weekend will, however, improve the situation, according to the site vigicrues.

A peak at 7.45 m in Mont-de-Marsan

In Mont-de-Marsan, the Midouze, a tributary of the Adour, reached a peak at 7.45 m on Friday at the -day but the recession was to be established during the night from Friday to Saturday, according to vigicrues. The Landes prefecture, was an important bridge in the city center - whose arches were submerged - had to be closed to traffic, had not seen so much water flow since the 8.38 m measured in 1981.

Downstream, the Midouze has flooded the streets of Tartas in recent days, a small town located between Mont-de-Marsan and Dax, and the rise in water levels was to stabilize overnight from Friday to Saturday around 4 m, before the stall scheduled for Saturday morning. This major flood erased those of 1952 and 2014.

370 firefighter interventions

Further south, in Dax, the Adour level reached 5.89 m on Friday morning, without exceeding the 2014 record (5.97 m) and the decline began timidly at the end of the day. In the department, maintained in orange flood vigilance by Météo-France at least until Saturday morning, about fifty roads are still closed to traffic on Friday evening and about sixty under surveillance, according to the road operation management service.

Friday evening, the firefighters of the department had carried out at least 370 interventions related to flooding since the beginning of Sunday of the rising water phenomenon, mainly water exhaustion and drying out of cellars and few evacuations (about thirty people).

A departmental operational center allowing the coordination of state, internal security, and rescue services and the departmental council's road direction had been activated by the prefecture on Wednesday. According to the local press, Storm Bella produced in three days the equivalent of a month and a half of precipitation in parts of the department.