Sencrop's weather sensors are spreading among Bordeaux winegrowers

Sencrop's weather sensors are spreading among Bordeaux winegrowers

Violet Field inPlanetJan 7, 2021 3 min read1 views

The Lille start-up has already installed some 500 sensors throughout the Gironde

Sencrop weather stations allow winegrowers to reduce the doses of phytosanitary products in the treatment of the vine. - Sencrop
  • These weather sensors placed in the vineyard plots make it possible to anticipate episodes of frost or hail, and above all to refine the treatments with phytosanitary products.
  • These sensors can operate in a network, with winegrowers being able to share information with each other when their plots are located close to each other.
  • Some 1,700 sensors have been installed throughout New Aquitaine.

Anticipate the risk of frost, intervene more quickly to fight against diseases … “With the precision of the data, we can also act on such and such an area, and more necessarily on the whole estate” assures this winegrower. Bordeaux winegrowers are increasingly adopting the weather station solution developed by the Lille start-up Sencrop.

Launched in January 2016, Sencrop today claims to be the French leader in weather sensors for agriculture and viticulture. With 80 employees, it is even expanding throughout Western Europe.

Territorial network

In the Gironde, some 500 stations have already been installed, including 80 just for winegrowers in the Médoc. Across New Aquitaine, 1,700 stations now equip farmers and winegrowers. Such a territorial network allows winegrowers to use the sensors of their neighbors, professionals thus sharing information between them.

Sencrop's sensors offer finer data than those offered by traditional weather applications. “Sensors are measuring instruments, whereas the solutions you find on apps are modeling instruments, which does not give the same precision,” explains Sencrop sales manager Nicolas Maupu. Our solution allows the winegrower to make good decisions on a daily basis in his plots, knowing that the weather is a key factor and that it is really very local. In the same circle of a few kilometers, there can be variations that change absolutely everything. "

The cost of the station of around 600 euros

In the Médoc, Château Blaignan has equipped its 103 ha estate with a Sencrop station. The operations manager, Boris Diallo explains that it allows him "to have ultra-precise weather forecasts, as well as to keep a precise history of the rainfall or the wind" on his vineyard. “This will allow me to show what treatment I applied on such day, with much wind, which is important to show that I am complying with the regulations. "The operations manager believes, however, that" it is above all a decision-making tool to best position such processing. For example, this prevents me from treating too early in the day if there is too much humidity, that is to say at a time when the products may not adhere and be washed out. »The cost of the station is around 600 euros, to which must be added a subscription which varies between 79 euros and 229 euros per year.

Responsible for Nouvelle-Aquitaine at Sencrop, Damien Philipon specifies that the start-up "equips wine growers directly, or wine groups, who will network a territory and share all the information" to their members.