New solar and compactor bins arrive in Marseille

New solar and compactor bins arrive in Marseille

Violet Field inPlanetJan 15, 2021 3 min read1 views

Installed in places with high traffic, they are able to contain five times their capacity thanks to a system powered by solar panel

A solar connected trash can, installed rue Saint-Férréol in Marseile - C. Delabroy / 20 Minutes
  • The metropolis is testing solar-powered bins in Marseille, which compact waste with, initially, around twenty placed in the city center.
  • The system allows savings on daily routes, provided that the organization is redesigned as a whole.

"Oh yes, is she solar? Bruno hurriedly launches after throwing his sandwich paper in the street basket. Even more, it is a compactor, we hardly have time to explain, before he leaves in a hurry, it is the end of his lunch break. With its little name “Mr Fill”, this new kind of trash can stands alone in the middle of rue Saint-Fé, one of Marseille's commercial arteries.

At the exit of the Castellane metro, at the roundabout-du-Prado or even at the David, in the southern districts, it is "Bigbelly" which officiates, marketed in France by the company Connect Sytee, installed near Aix-en -Provence. It is one of the four companies selected after the call for tenders launched by the metropolis to test this device, as in Paris or Brussels. Each delivered four units, which began to appear this summer in Marseille.

These 120-liter bins compact waste using solar energy (they are capped with a solar panel). They can thus contain 600 liters of garbage, five times their capacity. Each recycling bin has a chip that sends real-time information on its filling rate to the collection service. Hence the interest of placing these bins in areas with high traffic, which are the subject of several collections of street bins per day. To be able to reduce the number of passages. In Marseille, the districts of the Old Port, the Opera, and the Prefecture should soon be equipped with it.

Return on investment

"We received a new order for ten bins, and one of our competitors I believe for thirty," says Marion L'Hostis, communications manager at Connect Sytee. It takes nearly 5,000 euros for this type of model, while a 50-liter street bin with a little design costs around 500 euros. “For a community, the return on investment is fairly rapid, in the order of two to three years, with fewer collections,” assures the company. It's a real change of organization, we have to put the collection system on its own, free up the staff to clean the streets, do more interesting things. "

Since 2018, Connect Sytee has already deployed 350 “Bigbelly” baskets in Paris. It is also present in Strasbourg, Cannes, or even Saint-Malo and La Baule. “There is work to get them adopted by citizens, continues Marion L'Hostis. This type of product, if it is not maintained, it is a shame. A dirty trash, we don't want to throw in it ”.

Not to mention the objects which block the hatch, or the doors not properly closed. But again, the system allows information to be transmitted in real-time, and the service includes maintenance. The company is also developing software, called “Winbin”, to reward good sorters. The solution is currently being tested in Aix-en-Provence with Citeo. As for sorting compactors in Marseille, which already exist, we will have to wait a little longer.