Energy renovation assistance available to all homeowners

Energy renovation assistance available to all homeowners

Violet Field inPlanetJan 11, 2021 1 min read10 views

New aid system, new beneficiaries

Energy renovation of housing with new bonuses and bonuses - ROMAIN DOUCELIN / SIPA

If it's cold in your apartment or house on this chilly Sunday, the next few lines should be of great interest to you. Since January 1, the main public aid system for the energy renovation of housing has changed: the CITE has disappeared, replaced by MaPrimeRénov.

In addition to promising a shortening of the processing of cases (from several months to an average of only four weeks), this device is now aimed at condominiums and landlords, as reported by RTL.

New bonuses

Another major change: households with higher incomes are now included in the category of beneficiaries. Finally, bonuses have been created for energy-intensive homes classified F or G and for buildings whose renovation would allow them to reach the energy label B or A.

As of Monday, condominiums and owner-occupants can submit their file online.