Caimans wander near a shopping mall in Paraguay

Caimans wander near a shopping mall in Paraguay

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The caimans were able to get out of their lake thanks to the heavy rains that have affected the country for a week

Seven caimans measuring up to two meters were spotted this Wednesday morning near a shopping center in the city of Ita ( Paraguay ), 30 km south of the capital. They had escaped from their enclosure. Several caimans even reached the doors of the shopping center before the rescue intervention, according to photos and videos posted on social networks. Volunteer firefighters intervened and captured them.

These reptiles live in a lake, a tourist attraction in the city center. They escaped in the night after the collapse of a retaining wall under the effect of heavy rains that have been falling for several days in the country. "The caimans came out of the water to take refuge on the dry surface to rest," said the spokesperson for the firefighters. “Fortunately it happened at night. "

🐊Yacarés abandonaron la laguna y tomaron el centro de Itá.

7 yacarés tomaron las calles céntricas de la ciudad en la lluviosa madrugada.

Thank you for moving inmediato a los bomberos para devolverlos a su hábitat.


- ABC TV Paraguay (@ABCTVpy) January 27, 2021

"An emergency call if someone sees a caiman on the public highway"

In a press release, the association "Save Lake Ita" warns of the overpopulation of caimans. "Over time, they can represent a danger", warned the association, recommending to the public "not to touch them". “For lack of food, they could attack. "

On Twitter, firefighters urged residents to "make an emergency call if someone sees another caiman on the public highway." The rainy season has been raging in Paraguay for a week, causing extensive damage to homes and roads, and leading to power cuts. Further heavy rains are expected until Sunday.