An oil leak reported at the Total refinery in Donges

An oil leak reported at the Total refinery in Donges

Violet Field inPlanetJan 8, 2021 2 min read11 views

Traces of hydrocarbons have been located in the Loire, but "no environmental damage has yet been observed", indicates the prefecture

DONGES, 10/18/2010 The Donges refinery, at night - © Fabrice ELSNER

The incident dates back to this weekend but it has not yet been settled: on Saturday, a crude oil leak was identified at the Donges refinery after iridescence was observed in the Loire. The prefecture indicates that "no environmental damage has been observed at this stage" (no mortality either in fish or in birds), but this Thursday asks Total to "take measures to limit the consequences of the 'incident'.

According to the first elements, “a few liters” of oil were spilled into the Loire after a leak occurred in a buried pipeline, connecting the refinery to a jetty located on the river bank. The pipes in question are being emptied, indicates the prefecture, which requested the expertise of Cedre, an association specializing in the treatment of accidental water pollution. Floating booms have also been put in place to try to contain the iridescence.

The prefecture imposed on Total on Thursday to ensure the proper treatment of the pollution generated by this leak, "especially in the ground". It also gave the refinery one month to justify the actions taken but also to identify the causes of this incident.